Our Approach

 Since our inception we, along with representatives from research institutions, universities, first responder organizations and other institutions with frontline personnel, have been studying the causes of injuries in an effort to develop solutions that work. Our intentionally designed, and oftentimes considered atypical style of studies, have allowed us to analyze the biomechanics, ergonomics and metabolic demands of personnel under extreme duress.

Our Research Ground

Our research and analyses have been broad, extending into many disciplines and institutions. Our most recognized study has been on behalf of the fire service and in partnership with On Target Challenge, Inc. via their internationally recognized event, the Firefighter Challenge. Billed by ESPN and others as the toughest two minutes in sports, the event places Firefighters in an action-packed testing ground where they must perform the Five Essential Functions against a time clock in head-to-head competition. More than 60,000 firefighters in North America have competed, providing us with career-changing data. LEARN MORE (link to FC website)

Our Diverse History

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