Strengthening the First Responder Community

It’s at the core of what we do. First Responders are faced with risk every day. It’s the nature of their job, responding to calls that require extreme physical exertion that often result in adverse physiological and psychological outcomes.

Understanding and responding to the causes and long-term consequences of on-the-job injuries is key to prevention. It was our founding purpose in 1999 and remains the heart of our work today.

Our Commitment Since 1999

We are First Responder Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, leading a global movement to inspire and transform the health and well-being of First Responders. We’ve had the privilege of providing research, analyses and counsel to some of the most respected fire service organizations around the world.


Line of Duty injuries and deaths caused by overexertion, strain, sprain or muscular pain costs departments, insurers and taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

It’s our goal to collaborate with these groups to help reduce and even eradicate these preventable injuries and deaths among our most respected public servants.


When you see the FIT-WELL seal, you can feel proud knowing your local department has been recognized via a third-party verification process to have implemented recommended core health, wellness and safety initiatives.


We research and analyze the arduous job-tasks of First Responders to produce evidence-based advances that improve their mental and physical readiness.