New Schedule

Quite a few status changes have been received. Click HERE for the updates. Virginia Beach is now open for registration, as is Lexington, KY.

Schedule Updates:

VA Beach FCC – Presented by STIHL – has gone GREEN! Registration and event details will be published tomorrow.

Miami Beach – The Police and Fire Departments have approved our downtown Ocean Drive location. Everything is lined up BUT it is NOT a “done deal” unless and until the City of Miami Beach grants the permit for this extravaganza. Thanks for your patience.


Tinley Park is GREEN! The city has approved the downtown location and all is GREAT! Click here for details. See you there!

Schedule Update
Tinley Park, VA Beach and Miami Beach – Local hosting teams and we are still hopeful each of them will happen but important details need to be finalized before they are done deals. We will publish updates here as soon as we get them – hopefully next week. Meanwhile, click here for the schedule as of today. Thanks for your patience!

New Schedule

The 2018 schedule is firming up. Click HERE for the newest addition, including status updates. We still have two great July weekends available - July 13-15 and Jul 20-22. If you’re in the Midwest/surrounding states and are interested in hosting, please contact us.

New Year Updates

The 2018 schedule is being firmed up, FDIC is now open for registration, and more events will soon follow. World records by age can be seen here. Our January newsletter covers this and more, and you can see a copy of it here.

In addition, for those of you who don’t subscribe to any of the major fire journals, for the past 3 months, every issue of Fire-Rescue, Fire Engineering and Firehouse has been banded with a four-part color ad announcing “Now as One,” the merger of Scott Safety with the 3M personal protection division. The Challenge continues to march as the 3M/Scott Safety Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Merry Christmas
Here is the first draft of the 2018 schedule.

2018 Schedule
So you and we can make travel plans, our goal is to publish the 2018 schedule before the end of December. Meanwhile, thanks for a terrific 2017 season, and Holiday Greetings to All!

World Challenge XXVI
The 26th World Challenge is in the Books, Montgomery Blue has once more won the relay category. We'll see you all in Sacramento next year! 

World Challenge XXVI

Congratulations to Oakville who repeated as the team champions of 2017. You can see the run order for tomorrow mornings tandems here. The first relay runoffs are here and the (Correct updated) open bracket is here

World Challenge Final Day

The initial start order is posted here: page 1 and page 2. Let us know if anyone either can't run or is missing from the list. Good luck to everyone on the final day.

World Challenge XXVI - Day 3

Only one more day left for the wildcards. We'll find out who makes it to the finals at the Lion's Den Reception. You can see the first wave of day 4 here.

World Challenge XXVI - Day 2

We saw a lot more competitors today, and we'll see more tomorrow. The first page of tomorrow's order can be seen here. Please note : This is only the first page, there are over 60 competitors already on the second page, so don't worry if you're not there yet.

World Challenge XXVI - Day 1

It was a rainy day in Louisville, but we still saw a record fall, Team Fire Fit 3.0 took the female relay time, with a 1:39.48. The first draft of tomorrow's run order can be found here. Checking will start at 7 tomorrwo morning, if you think you should be on the order and are not, let Daniel know.

World Challenge XXVI's First Run Order
You can find the first part of the run order here. Checkin will be from 7-9 tomorrow morning, and we plan to kick things off at 10 AM.

The Cal Ripken of the combat Challenge
Read Dr. Davis's newest blogspot about Challenge Legend Walt White here.

Lions Den and Name Shirt

Now that our last regional is in the books, we're finalizing the designs for the 2017 Name Shirt. You can see the current list here. Let us know if you're not on the list, but be adivsed we have a very tight window to get the names to the printer. In addition we've gotten jacket sizes for most of the 2017 Lion's Den Inductees, but we're still missing a few. Take a look at the list, if we don't have a size for you, please let us know. Just email Daniel either way.

U.S. Nationals Day 3

Today in Tyler, we saw our first best of the best competition in over 10 years, with competitors trying the 5 stages of the challenge separately. Carlsbad also capped off a great regular season wininng byes in team, relay and tandem. Can they pull off a sub 1 minute run?

U.S. Nationals Day 2

We saw some more great times, Carlsbad is currently leading the pack, but Montgomery Blue was only a second behind. You can see the brackets for tomrrow here. One more day before we finish Nationals, and then on to Worlds!

U.S. Nationals Day 1 

Ryan FItzgerald ran another 1:16, still a second off the world record, but still an amazing time. Carlsbad won the team category, with a 4:32.

Carlsbad Day 2

Carlsbad fire rose to the occasion today, breaking the world record twice, with a 1:03.31 and a 1:02.79. However, in the last race of the day, Mr. Restore won the relay. We'll see you next at U.S. Nationals, in Tyler, Texas.

Carlsbad Day 1

The last regional individual day is in the books. We just barely got done with the last race before the rain and lightning would have made it impossible to continue. Carlsbad defended their home turf, taking the open and team categories. Could we see them break the relay record tomorrow?

Lake of the Ozarks Day 2

Whiteman won the relay category, beating out Louisville fire in the feature race of the day. There's only one more regular season event this year, see you in two weeks, at Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Lake of the Ozarks Day 1

We saw some of the fastest times all year today. Ryan Fitzgerald ran a blistering 1:16.10, less than a second off of the world record. Brittany Hoffman ran the fastest women's time of the year, with a 2:17. Tandems and relays tomorrow morning starting at 11 am.

Grand Island Day 2

Lexington got a little bit of revenge by winning the relay category today. This puts them in a very strong position in the GNC race. In addition, Challenge Legend Shane Farmer pulled a "Dave Bowman"; winning both in the open tandem (with Jeff Vater) and the over 40 (with Todd Krukow). See you all next week at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Grand Island Day 1

We saw some great team races today, with Rapid City beating lexington by a hair. Al Ertzner is still looking amazing in the 50+ category (especially considering he's 57) running a 1:52.43.

Sulphur Springs

On Day 1, Cory McGee showed that he's still a force to be reckoned with in the Chief's division, running a 1:25... and he just turned 40. Carlsbad ran an impressive 4:40, with both Casey and Geronimo running sub 90's. On day 2, Carlsbad won the open relay, and tandem while The Cellucor teams took first through third in the Over 40 tandem.

Longmont - Boulder County Fair Day 2
We saw some amazing runs today in Lognmont. Team USAFA Classics took back the Over 40 relay record, setting the new bar at 1:10.92. Carlsbad won the open relay category, with two runs that were within a second of their own world record of 1:04. We'll see you in Sulphur Springs, Texas in two weeks.

Longmont - Boulder County Fair Day 1

Once again, a great run by Ryan Fitzgerald took first with a 1:20. The Carlsbad firefighters won the team event with an impressive 4:54. We'll see how the realys and tandems do tomorrow.

Events Turning Green

Lake of the Ozarks, Carlsbad, and Tyler Nationals have gone green. Make your plans accordingly. Event details and registration will be up as soon as possible.

Elko Day 2

Newmont Mining won a nailbiter against Local 2423 to win the relay category. Jacquline Palmer and Jason Logsden both took two golds in the tandem categories. We'll see you all next week in Longmont, Colorado.

Elko Day 1

A hot day in Nevada saw the return of Jacqueline Palmer. She returned from her hiatus with a vengance, running a sub 2:30 time. In addition we saw Bryan Hardy clean up the over 40 and open categories, while the Local Elko 2423 Combat boys took the team category.

WCXXVI - Hotel and other Information

The Worlds page has opened up. Click on the Worlds tab above to check it out. We will have more location information added as we receive it. Registration should open this week.

Elkhart Day 2
Lexington took the relay category, solidifying their lead in the GNC race, while the Whiteman AFB tandem ran a 1:16, only a few seconds off the world record. We've got a brief break coming up, then see you in Elko, NV.

Elkhart Day 1
Matt Baca takes the individual with a 1:24, the first Canadian open victory of 2017. Cory McGee took the over 40 with a 1:25, threatening both the over 40 and chief records. Lexington took the team, narrowly beating out Hamilton County.

Branson Day 2
Carlsbad took the relay category, keeping their regional winning streak alive. Geronimo and Casey also won the tandem event, while Rick Portilloz set a personal record for back to back runs.

Branson Day 1
Some excellent runs were had in Branson, with Ryan Fitzgerald overcoming a bad tower to run a 1:20. Lexington Fire snuck by Carlsbad to take the team championship. Stay tuned for some great relays and tandems tomorrow.

Montgomery Day 2
Another beautiful day of racing saw nearly 150 firefighters compete. Montgomery Fire Blue beat the crowd to take the relay championship with a 1:05.47, Less than 2 seconds off the world record. We'll see you all in Branson Landing in two weeks.

Montgomery Day 1
We headed back to our old stomping grounds in downtown Montgomery for a regional. Once again all of Montgomery both puts on an amazing event and are outstanding hosts. The Montgomery Blue team took first with a blistering 4:32, with Jake Lanier leading the way with a 1:22. Also having another outstanding run, Chief Ken Helgerson of USAFA ran a sub 2 over 50 time, on his third individual run ever.

Virginia Beach Day 2
Mother Nature was much kinder to the combat challenge on day 2, which let us see some amazing runs here in Virginia Beach. Lexington Fire continued their sweep, taking the open relay, while West Licking took the tandem title.

Virginia Beach Day 1
A thunderstorm delayed the event and gave us some electrical problems. The competitors stayed through and we saw some great races. Lexington won the team category, while Barrett Piper took the open category.

Apopka Florida - Days 1 and 2
A power outage took out our server on the 12th, so we're bringing you the results from day 1 and 2 together. On friday Ryan Fitzgerald won for the second event in a row, this time with a 1:22, while Montgomery Blue took the team category. On Saturday, Montgomery Blue took first place, just beating the thunderstorm that rolled in as they were pulling the dummy.

Branson FCC Postponed until June 9-10
Everyone knows that except for hurricanes (Deerfield Beach, FL) and tornadoes (Tuscaloosa, AL), the Firefighter Challenge is an all-weather event … just like fighting fires. But, Branson Landing parking lots are currently under water, and the river hasn’t crested. Further, upstream floodgates might have to be opened. So, with an abundance of caution, and regrets to all who, like us, have been inconvenienced or lost funds, we’ve agreed with all hosting parties that we must postpone Branson Landing FCC until June 9-10.

Meanwhile, good luck to Branson Fire, Branson Landing, and Branson, MO! See you all June 9-10, 2017!

Challenge Family
Almost every challenge competitor knows David Bowman. He has been an outstanding example of a firefighter a competitor and a person in countless ways. After a recent loss, he wrote a letter to the challenge community that can be seen here.

FDIC - Final Day
Due to the lightning activity in Indianapolis and across the United States, we are unable to hold the tandem day of competition. All Pre-registered competitors can either get a refund or credit towards a future event. Contact Daniel to let us know what you want to do.

FDIC - Day 2
A large field of relays at FDIC saw Tuscaloosa show off their form, running 1:09's and 1:10's to win the first regional event of the year.

2017 Season Kickoff
FDIC has once more kicked off the Scott Firefighter Challenge Season. We have already seen some great performances; Ryan Fitzgerald threw down the first sub 80 of the year, while Hamilton County (Formerly running under Westfield) put down an impressive 4:43 team time.

2017 Schedule - Updated

You can see the revised 2017 schedule here. Contact us if you're interested in hosting, the schedule is filling.

WCXXVI Confirmed

World Challenge XXVI is going to be held Mon-Sat Oct 23-28, in Louisville, Kentucky. More information will be posted as we have it.

WCXXVI and the 2017 Schedule

Dr Davis has a blogspot here describing where we are in publishing the 2017 Schedule.

WCXXV Survey

World Challenge XXV is over, but we'd like to get your two cents on how everything went. To take the survey please click here.

WCXXV Coverage

The coverage of the last day of WCXXV is now posted on the blogspot. If you want to see the final Carlsbad vs Montgomery relay race you can it’s available for viewing on our Vimeo account here. Also, be sure to catch the ABC News story of Mike on a Bike.

WCXXV FInal Day 2

World Challenge XXV is in the books. We saw some great times today, Carlsbad finished its relay season with a world championship to go along with its new world record. Team Waukegan/Isopure defended their over 40 title for the third straight year. More video and stories about the event will be coming up in the weeks to come. Thanks to all the competitors that make this sport great.

WCXXV Final Day 1

The first final day has wrapped up. We saw three more records fall, Ian Van Reenen broke the open record for the third time, this time with a 1:15.29. Cyril Fraser broke his own over 60 record with an impressive 1:45.92, The first international record was set by team U.S.A. with a 4:09.24. And last but not least Oakville broke their own record for the second time, notching a team time of 4:04.85.

Another day saw even more records fall. Ian Van Reenen topped his record, setting down a 1:15.70. Oakville team Levitt-Safety broke the team record with a 4:07.15. Cyril Fraser both broke Roy Davis's long standing Over 60 record with a 1:52.54, as well as teaming up with Stephen McAleer to break the over 60 tandem record. The current standings can be found here.

While a few teams flirted with world records, we saw two of the biggest ever fall today. Ian Van Reenen became the newest holder of the title "Fastest Firefighter Ever". He dethroned Justin Couperus, with a blazing 1:16.34. In addition, Carlsbad Fire finally took down the relay record they've been after all year. They ran a 1:04 flat to break Montgomery Blue's record.

The first day of World Challenge Twenty Five has wrapped up. We saw some great runs, including what would have been a relay world record, if not for penalties. We will continue starting 9 am tomorrow morning.



Day Run Order
The final run order can be found here. Page1 Page2

WC XXIV Tandems
The current tandem qualifiers for tomrrow can be found here.

WC XXIV Relays
The current relay seeding order for tomrrow can be found here.

WC XXIV FInal Day 1
The preliminary order can be found in two parts, part one and part two. If you are on the list and cannot run or know someone who will not be able to run, please contact Daniel asap.

More records have fallen, and the final wildcard day of 2015 is over. You can see the results through the results tab. 21 Teams made the cut to the final day, which will be posted shortly.

Preliminary Day 4 List
The draft can be found here. Subject to change as always.

One of the longest event days on record is over, and we have 5 new world records. The Over 55 North & South relay set an Over 55 relay world record. Jacques Breton and Tom Reid set a new over 60 tandem record. Cory Mcgee and Russell Krasnesky broke their own records in the Chief and Over 45 categories. And breaking Bobby Russel's 14 year reign as the fastest competitor ever, Ryan Fitzgerald ran a 1:17.51 to become the new individual record holder.

The second day of wildcards is in the books. We witnessed some great races, including two new world records, Carla Penman set another Over 40 female record with a 2:22, while Montgomery Blue rocked the relay record with a 1:05.60. The results are on the result page. In addition the preliminary order for day 3 is up, in two parts (one and two). All disclaimers still apply.

World Challenge XXIV Day 2
Here is the first draft order of the second day. This order is provisional and may change. Subsequent checkins will be added to the end. The order of the Wildcard days is Individuals, followed by Tandems and then Relays.

WC XXIV Wildcard Day 1 Results
Can be found here.

Watch World Challenge LIVE From Montgomery!
We're very excited to once again offer live streaming of World Challenge XXIV in Montgomery, Alabama! Check out the stream here!

World Challenge XXIV Day 1
Here is the first draft order of World Challenge XXIV. This order is provisional and may change. Subsequent checkins will be added to the end. The order of the Wildcard days is Individuals, followed by Tandems and then Relays.

Lion's Den Inductees
The 2015 list has been updated again, including if we have received your jacket size and who is planning on attending the Lion's Den. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, please email Daniel Pace.

U.S. Nationals - Farmers Branch, TX Day 1
The tandems are finished and we're poised to finish off the relays tomorrow. Today we saw another world record broken, the female tandem time was taken by Irena Elmstrom and Jacqueline Palmer, with a 1:50.89. In addition a new record was set, the first ever over 65 tandem team ran, featuring Chuck LeBlanc and Tommy Sadler. The open male was tandem was won by Montgomery,'s Big Oak and Stumpy.

U.S. Nationals - Farmers Branch, TX Day 1
The individual day of nationals is now in the books. We saw Al Ertzner break the Over 55 record once again, with an age-defying 1:38.85. For the third year in a row, Cory McGee took the open victory at Nationals, this time with a 1:22. Team Isopure won the team event with a 4:49. More racing to come tomorrow.

Carlsbad Day 2
We closed out our 2015 regional season here in Carlsbad New mexico. The Carlsbad relay team won the relay category, while the tandem of Russell Bannister and Matt Dennehy took the open tandem. Next week is U.S. Nationals, in Farmers Branch Texas.

Carlsbad Day 1
For the ninth straight season, we returned to Carlsbad New Mexico. In an evening event Russell Bannister won the open category, while Mr. Restore of Farmer's Branch took the team.

Ontario Day 2
Another beaturiful day in Ontario, California saw the Cellucor tandem teams sweep the open category, while Vandenberg FD won the relay category. We'll see you next week in Carlsbad, NM.

Ontario Day 1
It was a sunny day in California which saw the victory of Cory McGee with a 1:26. Team Navy Federal fire took their first team victory, and Russell Krasnesky won another Over 40 championship.

Lion's Den RSVP's
The current inductees for the Lion's Den have been posted here. Emails have also been sent out to this year's inductees asking for confirmation that they will be attending and jacket sizes. If you're on the list but did not receive an email, please email Daniel.

Grand Island Day 2
Team USAFA took the open relay, edging out team Paul Davis of Norfolk, which took the Nebraska state championship. In the tandem categories, Todd Krukow and Al Ertzner won the open tandem competition, while Bill Gates and Jacqueline Palmer won the Co-Ed. We'll see you in Ontario, CA in 2 weeks.

Grand Island Day 1
Another World Record has fallen, this time the record that Steve Kotch had just set in Louisville was broken again only 2 weeks later by Al Ertzner, running under Fort Calhoun. The new time to beat for the Over 55 record is now 1:42.56. In addition, this event saw the return of a perennial Challenge Champion, with team USAFA returning to win the team event.

Book Your Hotel Now For Nationals!
Take advantage of sweet deals if you book your room before September 17, for U.S. National's in Farmer's Branch, Texas! The Double Tree near the Galleria is offereing special rates starting at $99/night for competitors and their families, but it's only good for a little while longer. Click here to start booking.

Great Moments At The Rangers Game
We would like to congratulate Ryan Fitzgerald on his first place win in Arlington, Texas, and for earning the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the Rangers game on Saturday night! A special shout-out to fellow competitor Adam Evans' son, who was also on hand to help with the first pitch. Congratulations guys!

Arlington Day Two
32 Relay teams and 70 tandesm battled it out in Arlington. In the end, Team Austin took the open relay victory, while Montgomery's Big Oak and Stumpy tandem took another gold as well.

Arlington Day One
The longest day of racing for the 2015 season is in the books. 128 competitors left it all on the course, while Ryan Fitzgerald took the male championship. Montgomery Blue took the team category with a strong performance.

Louisville Day Two
Another Day of racing nearly saw the world record fall, both Montgomery Blue and Team FireCraft had 1:08 finishes, however FireCraft took it with one of the fastest relay runs ever seen a 1:08.41. See you in Arlington in a week!

Louisville Day One
A beautiful day of racing saw some blistering times, including a new Over 55 record by Steve Kotch (1:45), who just barely finished before what would have also been a new world record by Bret Yundt (1:46). Jacqueline Palmer set a new PR and the fastest female time of the year with a 2:13. Montgomery Blue posted a 4:48 team time, and six competitors broke into the Lion's Den.

Hall County Day Two
Day Two saw a new over 60 Tandem World Record set by Bill Pietrantonio, and Stephen McAleer, with a 1:56.53. In addition, Montgomery Blue came close to their own record, posting a 1:09.

Hall County Day One
We return to Georgia for a great day of racing, including one of the best times of the year from John Betts of Fredericton. Montgomery Blue also took the team event, making them nearly uncatchable in the GNC standings.

Ontario and Worlds Are Open
The Ontario event has gone green and is open for registration. In addition, WCXXIV is now open for registration on the Wild Card days.

Virginia Beach Day Two
On a beautiful day for racing we say the return of Horry County, just edging out the Local Virginia Beach team to win the Open Relay, see you in Hall County Georgia next week.

Virginia Beach Day One
We saw some of our best competitors put on a show, despite a rainy day. Beau Gunter took the top spot again, while Team Virginia Beach took the top team position.

Brandon Day One
After a hot day of racing, Montgomery Blue barely beats out Tuscaloosa and Mr. Restore to cement their lead in the Team GNC. More relays and tandems coming up tomorrow.

Altus Day Two
After some hot temperaturs and even hotter competition, Russell Krasnesky showed why he's the current over 45 world record holder, taking the open and over 40 categories with a 1:28. Team Mr. Restore of Farmer's Branch took the team category.

Altus Day One
The challenge returned to Altus for an evening show, missing some of the scorching heat of the day. Switching it up, day 1 was relays and tandems, while day 2 will be individuas. The hometown relay Team Dr. Pepper took the relay event over some tough competition. In the tandems Matt Tavaglione teamed up with Blake Hasty, and Russell Krasnesky to win the open and Over 40 tandems respectively.

Bellevue Day Two
Kamloops finished their sweep on day two, taking the relay championship home to go along with their team victory from the first day. We'll see you all in Altus in one week.

Bellevue Day One
Despite a bit of rain, this was one of the fastest courses all season, with the top two competitors, Graham MacKenzie and Ryn Fitzgerald coming within a hair of the world record. Ryan with a 1:23.30, while Graham put down a 1:22.81, the fastest two times of 2015. Relays and tandems tomorrow.

Virginia Beach Is Now GREEN, Registration open!
Friday, August 7 - 5pm Individuals
Saturday, August 8 - 10am Relays & Tandems
Registration is now open!
Check here for all of the latest updates to the 2015 schedule.

Jeanie Allen Scholarship Fund Stickers & Patches Available!
In the wake of our dear friend Jeanie Allen's passing, the Combat Wear Zone is going to be selling patches and stickers for $5 each, with all proceeds going to a scholarship fund for her daughter and son.

Brandon, MS is Open
Register for Brandon on the event page. The Challenge is returning to Brandon after several years off, and we hope to see you there!

Anchorage, Alaska Event
After travelling up to Anchorage, Alaska, the Challenge had it's second event ever in the 49th state. Beau Gunter from Tuscaloosa, Alabama won the individual, while Team Anchorage took Team, and Team Last Minute Decision took the Relay. We'll see you in Bellevue, WA next weekend!

Brandon, Mississippi is GREEN! ...
...And Virginia Beach is getting there! Check here for the updated schedule.

Brandon, Mississippi will be held Friday, July 31–Saturday, August 1. Registration and event details will be available no later than Monday, July 6.

Virginia Beach's (to be held August 8–8), status is currently yellow/almost green—subject a few remaining details. Don't book any non-refundable airfares yet, but we expect to receive confirmation early next week. So keep it on your calendar and stay tuned!

Hall County, Georgia Goes Green
The August 14–15th Challenge in Hall County, Georgia is now confirmed, and registration is open! Check out the latest PDF schedule updates here.

Arlington Is Open
The Arlington, Texas Challenge, presented by Spartan ER, is now open for registration.

Altus Is On!
Altus, Oklahoma IS ON! Friday, July 17, & Saturday July 18 – Registration and details will be posted on Monday 6/15. Check out the updated schedule here.

Tyler Day 2
Montgomery continued it's relay sweep, edging out McKinney in the final run. Jake Lanier and Beau Gunter combined to take the open tandem, with a 1:15. Next stop on the 2015 tour: Anchorage Alaska

Tyler Day 1
Jake Lanier of Montgomery Blue wins his first event with a 1:26. This helps Montgomery Blue win a third team category victory in a row.

Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge On Network Television!

Click on the image above to watch the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge featured on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss! We're so excited to have been a part of this show! Congratulations to Josh for a job well done losing so much weight!

Rescue Randy
If you're driving to Tyler and would like to buy a Rescue Randy without paying shipping, we have several in stock on the trucks. Contact operations manager Ron Beckman while supplies last.

Lexington Day Two
Montgomery Blue was just over a tenth of a second off their own world record time, running a 1:07.33, to win the relay category for the second straight event. See you all in Tyler next week.

Lexington Open Day
After a hot day of racing, Ryan Fitzgerald took his first victory in the open category with a 1:28. In the team category, Montgomery Blue won their second Team Category title in a row.

Challenge News Update
Twice a month we send out a newsletter to our mailing list of competitors with the latest Challenge news, and links to important information. The latest newsletter for today can be found here. To get your name on the list, send an email to Michael, and we'll get you added!

Schedule Update
Please note there have been a number of important changes to the schedule and that we now have a number of weekends “Open/Available” in late July/early August. If you have an interest in hosting please call Rob Alesbury 202-744-7682. To see the updated schedule, click on this LINK.

Lake Charles In The News
Our event in Lake Charles, Louisiana, saw some great media coverage! Check out the newspaper and tv coverage here.

Lake Charles Relay Day
Montgomery Blue beat the field, edging out team Austin for their first Relay victory of the season. See you in Lexington!

Lake Charles Open Day
Jackie Palmer continues her reign, winning the second regional of the year to go along with FDIC. In addition, Beau Gunter took first place for the very first time, with a 1:36 in the male Individual category.

Lake Charles Registration
Registration for our Lake Charles Challenge is open, and the event is just a few days away! If you haven't already, register now and don't miss out on this awesome event!

FDIC Day 3
We finished the first event of 2015, just escaping therain. The open tandem competition was won by the Matts, Harvey and Tavaglione. See you in Lake Charles next.

FDIC Day 2
The relay day was a blast, with Team FireCraft barely edging out the reigning champions, Montgomery Blue.

FDIC Day 1
The 24th season kicked off to a big crowd in FDIC. After a long day, Matt Harvey won the individual, with a 1:25.68. In addition, The first Team Category of 2015 was won by Team FireCraft.

Season 24 Kickoff
The 24th season of the Scott Firefighter Challenge will be beginning tomorrow at FDIC. In addition, the penalty for not stopping the clock has been reduced to 1 second (from 2).

Lake Charles LA
The Cheniere Energy Firefighter Challenge is now green and open for registration. Click here to register.

Schedule Update
The most recent schedule for the 2015 season has been posted and is available here.

A Salute to Scott Safety
Dr. Davis talks about the contributions Scott has made to firefighter safety over the years.

UPDATED 2015 Schedule
The most up-to-date schedule is now available by clicking here, or on the "Schedule" link in the navigation bar above.

UPDATED State Records Are Now Posted!
We are very excited to announce that the most up-to-date list of State Record Holders has been posted here! Congratulations to all of our new record holders!

The 2015 Season Tentative Schedule Is Here!
Many of you have asked for it, and we are happy to announce that we have a tentative schedule now available! Click here to see the PDF of the latest for 2015!

World Records Heat Up In New Blog Spot
In his latest BlogSpot, Dr. Davis writes about the world records broken and set at World Challenge XXIII in Phoenix in November. Read more here!

2014 Survey
If you have a quick 5 minutes, and would like to tell us what you thought about the 2014 Season click here.

World Challenge XXIII Video Content Now Available!
All of the races from Worlds have been labeled and uploaded for your viewing pleasure! Check out Worlds XXIII through our official video portal: www.ffcc.tv

When you go to our Vimeo page:
1. Click the specific race day and category you want to see,
2. Scroll to the comments and find your name and time stamp,
3. Click the time code and the video will jump specifically to that point in time,
4. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Worlds XXIII this year and made it so great!

Photo Update
More photos fromt the award ceremonies at World Challenge XXIII have been posted on our Flickr page! Check them out here!

Video Update
The newest video updates include all of the individual races from Saturday, all of the tandems from Sunday, and the tandems and relays from Wednesday. On Thursday we will upload the individual runs from Wednesday as well as the runs from Tuesday. We are limited to uploading 20 GB/week of video and this will put us close to the weekly limit, meaning runs from Monday might have to be posted the following Thursday, but that won't be determined until Thursdays uploads. Check out Worlds XXIII through our official video portal: www.ffcc.tv

World Challenge Videos
We are still in the process of editing and uploading all of the video content from Worlds. We should be finished roughly within a week. To see what's currently uploaded, check out the video on demand link at ffcc.tv.

Hammer Deals From Trusty Hammers!
Trusty Hammers is offering incredible deals on hammers and hammer packages for firefighters! This is the official hammer of the Combat Challenge, so if you've been waiting to get a hammer for training, now is the time to do so! More information and ordering links here.

Video Content From World Challenge In Phoenix
We are very excited to share that we are in the midst of editing and posting video content from World Challenge on our Vimeo page! Top races from the Finals, as well as breakdown videos of each hour of competiton from the Wildcard days of competition will be available as they are edited and posted. Watch the videos here!

WC XXIII Finals Day 2
World Challenge 23 is in the books, and today had even more world record breaking times. Montgomery set the world record for the relay while winning the championship with a 1:07.22. While Gmack and the Freak-A-Zoid (Graham MacKenzie and Ian Van Reenan) won the open tandem, but couldn't quite break the record setting mark earlier (Day 4) by the Bert & Ernie Tandem.

Phoenix International Raceway Parking Information
Parking for the second day of Finals will be in lot YELLOW 5. A map of the lot, and the raceway can be found here. There will be a tram to shuttle competitors and their gear to the course.

Final Day 2 Preview
Interested in how Day 2 will go? Check out the preliminary schedule here. In addition, for those driving to the course tomorrow, you'll want to park in lot Yellow 5, and then take the tram to the course.

Final Day 1 Results
Congratulations to our newest World Champions, Hamilton Fire Department and Justin Couperus. Hamilton not only won WC XXIII, they broke Missoula's long-standing team time record, with a 4:15. Justin won the King of the Jungle award with a 1:19.35. Jamie McGarva took the over 40, with a new World record of 1:20.43, and many other new champions were crowned. You can see all the results here.

FInal Day 1 Run Order *Updated*
Here it is, the first draft of tomorrow's Run order. This is still subject to change. (Updated at 5:31 PM)

Final Day 1 & 2 List *Updated*
Check here to see if you made it to Saturday. As always, let us know as soon as possible with any changes. The list for Sunday can be seen here.

Seminar and CAB Meeting Location
The seminar and CAB meetings will be held in the Camelback Room on the second floor of the Sheraton, in Downtown Phoenix. There are signs reading "Firefighter Combat Challenge" to help direct to the room.

Draft Order for day 4
This is the draft of the individual order for day 4. If you are not on here, or should be on here, please let us know asap. We also saw some more world records fall this day, including the open tandem (Team Bert and Ernie), the over 50 individual (Thomas Hamberger), the over 55 individual (Cyril Fraser), the over 40 female (Carla Penman), the over 50 relay (Canadian Old Farts), and the over 40 relay record (Team USAFA 40+). We also almost saw the open male and open team categories fall. See you all tomorrow for the last day of Wildcards.

World Challenge Wildcard Day 3
We saw some great races, including new world records in the open tandem (a 1:11.79 Cory McGee and Chris Finkes), as well as the female tandem (a 1:54.15 Amber Bowman and Carla Penman.) It also included a new female relay world record by the Golden Girls, a 1:43.71.Tomorrow's run order can be seen here (once again it's only individuals that have already signed a waiver.)

World Challenge Wildcard Day 2
The beginning of the morning's run order can once again be found here. This is only individuals who have already signed their waiver, others can sign in the morning of the race. Tandems and relays will follow the individuals.

World Challenge Live Broadcast
We are working very hard to bring the live broadcast from World Challenge XXIII online. We are currently experiencing issues with our Internet connection that were unforseeable. As soon as we possibly can, we will go live. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience to those of you trying to watch from home.

World Challenge XXIII
For the competitors running on Monday, here is the beginning of the run order, which will kick off promptly at 10 am. Check in will begin shortly after 7 am for anyone else running tomorrow.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 3
Montgomery Blue finished at the top of a very competitive field, winning the open relay with a 1:10. Boca Raton took the Over 40 division with a 1:19. Next stop is Phoenix, for World Challenge XXIII.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 2
Matt Tavaglione and Russell Krasnesky broke the Over 40 tandem record; while Krasnesky and Cory Mcgee came within .06 second of breaking the open tandem record with a 1:12.72. Tomorrow's relay brackets can be found here.

U.S. Nationals - Tyler Texas Day 1
Cory McGee ran the second fastest time ever, winning the open with a 1:21.17. In addition, Russell Krasnesky once again broke the Over 40, and Over 45 records with a 1:24.91. Montgomery Blue took the Granby Trophy home, with a 4:53.

New Blogspot
Dr. Davis has put out a blog on his experiences in Montgomery.

Montgomery Day 2
The local team won out, taking the victory of our largest field this year (31 teams.) Montgomery Blue will be looking to make some noise at worlds! See you all at Nationals in Tyler next week.

Montgomery Day 1
Russell Krasnesky once again breaks records, this time with a 1:25.55, setting both the over 40 and over 45 records. In addition, Cory McGee won the open category with a 1:23.17, the best time of the year so far.

The Return of the Worlds Name Shirt
Once again, we will be creating a name shirt for
all competitors who have competed in the 2014 season. If you
did not make it to a regional event, or if your name is not on this list, please let us know and we'll add your name!
Check the list here.

Chevron Phillips Sponsors The Challenge
We are thrilled to announce that Chevron Phillips now has a sponsored tile on our homepage! Chevron Phillips is the maker of E-III® Fire Training Fluids, which can produce a challenging training scenario that is both safer for firefighters and the environment than traditional fuels. Click on the "Turn Up The Heat?" tile on the right to learn more about their fantastic products!

World Challenge XXIII Registration...
...is now open on the World's Page. See you in Phoenix!

Rookie of the Year
If you would like to nominate a new competitor for this year's rookie of the year, email Daniel at dpace@ontargetchallenge.com.

Chatham-Kent Day 2
We avoided the rain again, while Hamilton swept the relay, over 40 relay, and open male tandem events. We'll see you in a few weeks in Montgomery, Alabama.

Chatham-Kent Day 1 and the Unlimited Relay
After a beautiful day of racing, Hamilton Fire took the Team event with a 4:44 Team time. Ian van Reenen almost had the best time of the year (1:22) but missed the target, opening up the way for Shaun Henderson to win.

There has been some confusion over the new Unlimited Relay category. The only change is that we're planning on a new category at Worlds, where anyone can assemble a Relay Team with anyone. While we do hope that this will be an outlet to allow competitors without their own department members
to compete as a Relay, this should not make any current teams illegal. If you had a legal team before, you still do now. The normal Team and Relay categories will still be present.

The same "organic unit" language that's been in our rules for years is still applicable to the regular Relay, and the Team categories.

Click here for Dr. Paul's latest blog entry with updates about World Challenge in Phoenix! Click here for the World Challenge section of our website.

Milwaukee Challenge Day 2
Much nicer weather allowed the Waukegan Over 40 Relay team to break their own record here today, dropping a 1:14.05. Next week, we'll see you in Canada.

Milwaukee Challenge Day 1
In a wet day of racing, Cory McGee won the open with a new pr, and the fastest time of the season, a 1:26.69. In addition, Waukegan won the team event with a 5:33.

Worlds Information
Dr. Davis has a great deal more information about WCXXIII on his Blogspot.

Arlington Day 2
The weather on our second day was much conducive to racing. The individual and team categories finished in the morning, where Russell Krasnesky took the individual and over 40 categories. However he was not continue his record-breaking streak, "only" finishing with a 1:29. Team Mr. Restore.com of Farmer's Branch took the team category, while Carlsbad fire won the relay.

Arlington Day 1
For the first time in the past few years, we had to delay part of the individual competition due to weather. The remaining individuals will run in two groups, the first starting at 9 AM (draft order here) and the second running just after the relay seeding round (here). Opening ceremonies will be held at the scheduled time (11 AM).

Carlsbad, New Mexico Day 2
Carlsbad Fire Powered by Chris Davis Big Rig Tools took the top spot in the relay, with the fastest time of the year, a 1:13.75. Next week, Arlington Texas.

Carlsbad, New Mexico Day 1
Continuing his streak, Russell Krasnesky set a world record for the fourth straight time, 4 new Over 45 world records in 3 weeks. The new bar has been set at 1:28.61.

Ontario, Californa Final Day
Once again Russell Krasnesky breaks the Over 45 world record, this time with a 1:28.95. In addition the team category was won by Aaron Makkinga and Team Shell Canada. The relay team title was taken by Nellis AFB.

Ontario, California Day 2
After another long day of races we have our final day set, the DRAFT run orders for tomorrow are here: Open followed by Tandem, and then Relay Elimination.

Ontario, California Day 1
We saw many of our international competitors put down some great times on day 1 of the Ontario Competition. Day 2 will decide who makes it to Saturday, and who does not.

Seattle, Washington Day 2
The relay category was won by a rookie team from Rio de Janeiro, with a blistering 1:15 time.

Seattle, Washington Day 1
Congratulations to our two newest world record holders. Carla Penman took the Over 40 Female record, with a 2:42.40. Only two races later, Russell Krasnesky broke the Over 45 World Record, with a 1:31.94. Kamloops also took the team time, with a 5:04.02.

We are very excited to announce that we have added another event to the schedule for 2014! We will be in Arlington, Texas for an event on Saturday and Sunday, September 6-7. Registration is open, so pack up the car and join us in Texas!

Official World Challenge Lodging Information Released
As of yesteday, Dr. Davis has signed the contract with the Sheraton Downtown in Phoenix, securing a room block for Challenge competitors coming to World Challenge. The reservation system will go active on Wednesday, July 23. Details to follow!

World Challenge Updates From Dr. Davis
Dr. Davis continues to post updates as we develop more details about lodging and other logistics for World Challenge in Phoenix.

Check out his latest blog entries, and stay up-to-date with the latest information: http://firefighterchallenge.blogspot.com/

Seattle Event
The seattle event is now confirmed and open for registration.

World Challenge Lodging
Dr Davis talks about the issues involving this year's worlds, and the urgency of locking in rooms for Pheonix.

Blog Post - Jeanie Allen
Dr Davis talks about his week with Jeanie and Cheri.

Possible Seattle Event
All but receiving the permits for the event in downtown Seattle, it looks like we will be returning to the Fire Fest, August 16-17! We should know by the end of this week. We don't recommend booking any travel or hotels until we have posted that this is a definite go.

Missoula Tandem and Relay Day
The Nellis Air force base team won the relay event, beating out some tough competition. In additionthe open tandem was won by the Calgary team of Derek Austin and Aaron Johnson.

Missoula Open Day
The Missoula team looked very strong, posting a 4:53, one of the best times of the year. Everyone at On•Target would also like to wish a happy Fourth of July to all our competitors!

Fishers Tandem and Relay Day
Carlsbad firepowered by Alliance Well Services, beat a tough field to claim first place in the open relay. In addition, Russell Krasnesky took two tandem categories, while partnering with Jeff Vater and Pawel Mieczykowski.

Fishers Open Day
Darren Hillman and Team Windsor/Tecumseh Park Construction took the team and individual categories in their first race of the year.

Ontario, California Venue
We are aggressively working on all the details to pull off a multi-day event in Southern California. Most of the arrangements have been made. Now, it’s down to the paper work and insurance certificates. We had hoped to have this wrapped up by Friday, but rest assured, it’s going to happen. The dates will be Thursday, the 21st through Saturday the 23rd. Lodging and a specific location will follow shortly.

Ontario, California Event Continues To Move Forward
We are very excited to announce that we are making great progress moving forward with the event in Ontario, California, in August! We are still ironing out details, but we are looking forward to a potential deal with Ontario Mills Mall as an event location! Stay tuned as we continue to work on these details!

Lexington Tandem and Relay Day
After a gruelling day of competition in beatiful Lexington, Montgomery won over the field. The Montgomery Blue team took the relay, and

Lexington Open Day
Team Tuscaloosa came out on top with a 5:16. Russell Krasnesky continued his victories winning the open and over 40 categories.

Full Steam Ahead For California!
Special thanks to the Greater Ontario Convention & Visitors Bureau for stepping-up, and working with us to make a 2014 Challenge in California possible!

We are very excited to announce that we are going to be holding a Challenge sometime during the weekend of August 21-24!

However, we need to figure out how many competitors are planning on attending in order to specify the dates! If you are thinking about attending, or plan on attending, please email us at contact@ontargetchallenge.com, and let us know, or leave a comment on this post.

See you this August in California!

News about the Los Angeles Event
Dr. Davis discusses the issues surrounding the recent cancellation of our event in Los Angeles, and the next steps in his latest blog. Read his entry here.

Charlotte Tandem and Relay Day
After a long day of racing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Tarheel Over 40 won the open relay category, beating out Summerville Over 40. This is the first time ever that a regional finals was composed completely of Over 40 competitors. Congratulations to all that competed.

World Firefighter Games Challenge News
The schedule has changed again with the cancellation of the World Firefighters Games in LA. We are working hard to find an alternative location in Southern California. If anyone has any good contacts or ideas, please forward them to ralesbury@ontargetchallenge.com.

Charlotte Open Day
This weekend saw the return of Russell Krasnesky to the challenge course, overcoming last year's injury to edge out the field. He won open and over 40 categories. In addition, we saw Chuck Leblanc take the course for his 121st run. Chuck has competed in all but one of the Challenge's seasons, and at 63 still put down an awesome 3:10.

Rest In Peace - Stephen D. Burpee
This past weekend the Challenge Family lost one of their own when Staff Sgt. Stephen D. Burpee passed away. A small service was held for him today, so we are joining his friends in asking for prayers and support for his family today.

Fairfax FCC June 19-20 Has Been Postoned
Regretfully, the June 19-20 event must be pulled from the schedule. We've met and talked several times, but due to it being a busy time of the year in the Washington, DC area, and a lack of viable locations to hold the event, we will have to postpone the event until another time. Please continue to check in as we try to find another time in the schedule to include this event.

Atlantic City Tandem and Relay Day
The results are in, with Wendy's of Fredericton taking the relay category as well. They fought off a tough challenge from Groupe Solution Sinistre as well as other teams. Next week is Charlotte, see you there.

Atlantic City Open Day
It was a picturesque day at the harbor, as John Betts took the open category, while Wendy's of Fredericton won the team category. We will continue the relay and tandem category tomorrow.

Don't Leave Home Without It
Dr. Davis shares his experiences with helmets, and the value thereof.

A Visit to Trusty Cook
Dr. Davis visits the factory where our hammers are manufactured. A very interesting process for anyone interested in how things are made.

FDIC Day Three
The FDIC challenge concluded today with the tandem category. Team Hammer of Austin Texas won the open tandem category, with Matt Harvey returning to the challenge after a year off.

FDIC Day Two
Team FireCraft continues to excel, taking the open relay category.

FDIC Day One
Day One of the FDIC. Matthew Baca wins individual for the first time. In addition Team FireCraft (formally MetRx) returns and takes team.

New Blogspot
Dr. Davis talks about the Alaska Shield 14 drill here.

Charleston, WV Event Has Been Cancelled
Due to a conflict finding a suitable location, our event in Charleston, West Virginia, which was listed on previous versions of our 2014 schedule, has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience to our competitors, however we hope you can join us at another event, such as Lexington, Kentucky, on June 14 & 15.

Challenge Competitor In The News
A proud shoutout to Challenge competitor, and current Over 45 World Champion, David Bowman, who was featured this morning on ABC's Good Morning America, after a heroic save on the side of a mountain via Blackhawk helicopter, no less! Check out the link (from Yahoo!) on our Facebook page here!

Daytona Day 2
Carlsbad Fire powered by Alliance takes first place in the relay category of the first regional of 2014. A great time was had, and all competitors were furnished with tickets to see the Daytona 500, courtesy of LiftMaster.

Daytona Open
The 2014 regional season kicked off early this year. Louis Boiteau continued his GNC-winning ways, by taking first place. Carlsbad FD took the team category.

Dr. Davis's Latest Blog
Dr. Davis has a new blog entry! to get everyone excited about our event at the Daytona 500 later this month

FREE Tickets With Paid Registration To Daytona 500
The first 100 registered and paid competitors for the Daytona 500 Challenge on February 22 & 23, 2014, are eligible for a FREE ticket to the NASCAR race! Register here!

CBS Show
We are doing our best to get the show accessible in more forms. Once our contractual obligations with CBS are completed, we will let you know online when we are allowed to make this show available.

Daytona Event
Thanks to LiftMaster, we can announce that the first 100 paid and registered competitors will be elligible to receive a ticket to the Daytona 500 race. More information will be found on the event page as we receive it.

2014 Registration Change
In an effort to more quickly and smoothly run the events, we have adjusted the registration fees for the 2014 season. If you come to an event without pre-registering, you will be charged an additional 10 dollars per registration.

Cotton Bowl Video
A quick look behind the scenes of the American flag unfurling preparation from the AT&T Cotton Bowl this past weekend can be seen here! Additional photos and video will be posted soon!

Cotton Bowl Results
After a star studded field competed, Horry County, and William Gates took home the Relay and Open championships. The full results can be seen here.

Cotton Bowl Invitational
The provisional start order for the cotton bowl can be seen here.

2014 Schedule Has Been Posted
The 2014 schedule has arrived! Check it out here, and visit our website often for updates as we have more venues added!

World Challenge XXII Show
CBS Sports has decided on the time for the first showing of the WCXXII shows, and it's imminent. The individual show will play on CBS Sports this Sunday (12/29), at 11:00 PM EST, while the relay will show immediately afterwards, at 11:30 PM EST. Check your local listings.

Cotton Bowl Deadlines
If you have not responded to your invitation by Friday, and are not listed on the list of confirmed competitors, your spot will be given to the next in line. To avoid this, email Daniel

Train Smarter, Not Harder With Randy Huntington
Did you miss Randy Huntington's seminar at World Challenge XXII in Las Vegas about training smarter? We've got the entire seminar in a video on our YouTube channel! View the video here!

Cotton Bowl, World Challenge 2014, etc. Updates!
Dr. Davis has been cranking out blog posts about a number of very important items related to 2014. Updated information about the Cotton Bowl, as well as some preview news regarding World Challenge 2014 is now up on his blog, which you can read here.

In addition the current list of those who are confirmed as coming tot he cotton bowl is here. Please check to make sure you're on the list if you're coming.

Certificates Have Been Mailed
Certificates have been mailed for World Challenge! If there are any issues or you need a re-print, please contact Elise at econway@ontargetchallenge.com.

We are having a clearance sale on brand new Rescue Randys right now! Call the office, 301.421.4433, or email us for pricing! *Pick-up is not available. Randy's can only be shipped.

Setting The Record Straight
RUMORS of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Scott Safety is on board and, we're welcoming several new sponsors for next season. The FDIC contract is executed and we're working with LiftMaster for 3 NASCAR events. CBS Sports loves the show and wants more. Rob Alesbury is responding to more than 20 requests for venues in 2014. We'll start to post the events that we've nailed down next month.

Brief Survey
In 2014 we have the opportunity to have an early event in conjunction with the Daytona 500 (February 22, 23). We realize this is very early in the season for our competitors, and we would like your input here.

New Blogspot With Info. On The Cotton Bowl, Etc.
Fresh back from a trip to Texas to visit the venue for the Cotton Bowl, Dr. Davis has posted a new Blog update about the event. Also new in his Blog: some words about the start system at World Challenge, in Las Vegas.

World Challenge On Demand Video Segments
We are pleased to inform you that each day of video from World Challenge XXII in Las Vegas has been recorded and is available via our Ustream channel, for the small fee of $5. For those who already paid for an account during the week of Worlds, you may access the video through your account. Others may sign-up, and enjoy unlimited viewing on-demand. Go to our page, and look under the Videos tab on the right side of the viewing screen.

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic #2
More info about the classic, including the first list of invitees.

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic #1
Information on the upcoming Challenge that will occur at the Cotton Bowl.

WCXXII Tandem and Relay Finals
Congratulations to Lambton College, all our other new world champions, and our new world record holders.

WCXXII Relay and Tandem Schedule
The provisional tandem schedule is here. Tandems will start running at 9 am. Relays will begin after the opening ceremonies at 11:30. They will start with the first round of over 50s, females, over 40s, and then males. you can see the more complete schedule here.

WCXXII Open Finals
Congratulations for Delta, Jeff Leonard, Amber Bowman and all our other new world champions!

WCXXII FInals Day 1
The provisional order is here. It may change, depending on other factos, but we will endeavour to keep it roughly the same.

World Challenge XXII Start Order
For day 4, here again is the beginning of tomorrow's order.

World Challenge XXII Start Order
For day 3, here again is the beginning of tomorrow's order.

World Challenge XII Start Order
For day 2, here again is the beginning of tomorrow's order.

World Challenge XXII Begins
The first day of wildcards begins tomorrow morning at 9 am, and we have the beginning of the run order posted here. This practice will continue throughout worlds, so check the website each evening for the beginning of the next days run order.

The Challenge at the Cotton Bowl
For more information check out Dr. Davis's new Blogspot.

U.S. Nationals Day 3
Montgomery Blue won out in the Open relay category, while Summerville fire took the Over 40. Next stop, Las Vegas and World Challenge XXII.

U.S. Nationals Day 2
Brandon Cunningham and Shane Farmer took the open tandem. The Tarheel Over 50 team also set an over 50 relay World Record with a 1:29.50. Relay seeding is finished, with the open and over 40 results posted, the runoff races for tomorrow are here, and the Open and Final brackets.

U.S. Nationals Day 1 Plus Female Relays
Day 1 of nationals saw some great times, with Whiteman Crash Association winning the team category. In addition we would like to announce that female relay teams will be permitted to pick members without restriction. This decision was made after careful consideration, and consulting with the current female relay teams.

We're Excited To Announce...
Three time noted member of the Brampton Firefighter Challenge team, Peter Reid is going to be joining our staff as a course official at World Challenge XXII in Las Vegas!

Tyler Relay and Tandem
After a long day of racing, Carlsbad won relay over a field of 26 teams. This concludes the regular season of racing for 2013. Next stop is Montgomery, AL for Nationals.

Tyler Open Day
Mr. Restore of Farmer's Branch took the Team event, while Russell Krasnesky won the Open and Over 40 categories.

Carlsbad Relay and Tandem
Relay was won by the local Carlsbad team, which posted some impressive times. In addition, Bobby Russell took the open and over 40 tandem (with a little help from Cory McGee and Russell Krasnesky). The last few GNC points for the year will be given out next week in Tyler, see you all there.

Carlsbad Open Day
After a cool day of racing in the evening, Bob Russell took the Open and the Over 40 categories, while Whiteman Crash Fire Group took the team event.

On Fire For Poker Charity Tournament
There will be a charity poker tournament at the Stratosphere during the week of World Challenge! Click here for the info PDF with all the details!

Hermosa Beach Relay and Tandem
With a wild run, So-Flo wins the relay category, while Westminster took the open tandem.

Hermosa Beach Open Day
On a beautiful day in Hermosa Beach, Jeff Leonard beat a very strong field of challenge competitors, with a 1:26. In addition, the world champion Kamloops team won the team event.

NEW Blog Entry
Dr. Davis shares a summary of his annual trip to Europe and the Firefighter Combat Challenge Germany! Read all about it, and check out pictures here!

World Challenge Registration Is Open!
World Challenge XXII (2013) registration is now open! Click here to gain access to registration and the World Challenge Info page.

We have Rescue Randy's on sale now! Call the office at 301.421.4433, or contact@ontargetchallenge.com for details.

Missoula Tandem And Relay
Missoula once again defended their home venue, winning the relay event, as well as the tandem categories.

Missoula Open
After a great day of races, Missoula won the team event. Also notable was Brad Roe, coming out of retirement to win the Over 40 competition.

Operation Tower Climb
Looking to get the most out of World Challenge XXII in Las Vegas!? Consider signing up for the Stratosphere Tower Climb on October 26! For all the details, and how to register, visit stratosphereclimb.com/

Hammer Tape
After gathering the input of our competitors, we have decided to relocate the foxfire tape away from the gripped area of the hammer. Thanks to everyone who gave their 2 cents.

Pendleton Open
Aaron Makkinga won the open with a 1:30.53, while Boise Idaho returned to the challenge after around 10 years, and won the team competition.

Everett Relay and Tandem
The Everett relay event was won by Snohomish County, Local 1828. In addition Jeff Leonard and Mike Melton won the open tandem. Dr. Davis is requesting comments on the new grip on the hammer in his blog.

Everett Open
Jeff Leonard won the open competition, while Carla Penman won the female division, and broke into the Lion's Den in her first U.S. race.

FasTag Program
We've rolled out a new program to help you earn points toward free runs, and other benefits! Check out all of the info here, or call our office at 301.421.4433 x106, or email dpace@ontargetchallenge.com!

Lexington Relay and Tandem
Montgomery Team Red won the relay competition, while Louis Boiteau teamed up with Trevor Fera to win the open tandem.

Lexington Open
Louis once again took first place in the open compeition, beating out a very strong field, which included the return of world record holder, Bob Russell.

An Essay by Jeanie Allen
If you haven't had a chance to read Jeanie's article, read it here.

Fishers Relay and Tandem
A much drier second day saw Waukegan Fire win the relay, while Jeff Vater and Russell Krasnesky combined to take the open tandem.

Fishers Open
After narrowly finishing up before a thunderstorm, Westfield Fire once again took the team competition. The winner of the open competition was Jeff Vater. Three new members of the Lion's Den also qualified at this event, Al Ramos, Tom Clasen, and Chad Wurdeman.

Niagara Falls Tandem and Relay
Another day of racing at the falls saw Hamilton fire victorious. In other news, despite great efforts by all involved, we will not be holding the Atlantic City event.

Niagara Falls Open
After a great day of racing, Louis Boiteau beat out Jeff Leonard in the final, deciding race of the day. Ian Van Reenen, also had a historic race, with the fastest rookie run ever, a 1:32.

It's a Start
In an effort to provide all of our Challenge competitors with a better understanding of the history, mechanics and rules, I’ve prepared a series of articles that will appear here on the BlogSpot as well as... read more

Verona Tandem And Relay
After a great day at the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs Conference, Team Baconator of Fredericton took the relay title, while the open tandem category was won by John Betts and Dave Nicolle.

Verona Open
After a monsoon the day before, the challenge staff worked around the clock to set up the course in one day. During the day, Wendy's of Fredericton took the team category, and for the first time, Mark Dainton won the individual.

Blue Ash Tandem And Relay
Evansville Metro stood out from the pack today with a 1:16 tandem time, the fastest of the year. In the relay category however, they were beat out in a tight race with Met-Rx, returning after a year long break.

Blue Ash Open
Louis Boiteau beat the field and his PR with a 1:28, while Westfield took first place in the Team category for their first time.

NEW Blog Post!
Read Dr. Davis's latest blog post here about his experience at the NASCAR Coca Cola 600, at Charlotte Motor Speedway!

We've Rolled Past 1,000,000 Miles!
It's an unbelievable milestone, no pun intended, but we're excited to share the news that this week, our trucks surpassed the one million mile mark, as they have been traversing the United States for the last several years!

Charlotte Motor Speeday Relay and Tandem
Team Fredericton continued its reign, taking the relay category over some stiff competition. Crossfit of Greensboro won first place in the open tandem, finishing up our event at the Speedway.

Charlotte Motor Speedway Open Day
After a long day of racing, Team Wendy's of Fredericton took the team category. Louis Boiteau won the individual, with the year's fastest time, and the first sub 90, a 1:29.47.

Lake Charles Tandem And Relays
Another first time first place for the relay category, this time in an extremely close race with Team FDIC of Tulsa. Russell Krasnesky was also a standout today, winning 3 firsts in three different tandem categories.

Lake Charles Open Day
Despite monsoon-like rain, the Challenge must go on. Team Mr. Restore, from Farmer's Branch took the Team Category for their first time. In addition, we were overjoyed to welcome back Jeanie Allen who, completed an inspiring individual run.

FDIC Tandem Day
On the last day of FDIC, the Evansville Metro tandem of Adam Brock and George Madison completed their threepeat, winning the event for the third year in a row with a 1:18.

FDIC Relay Day
SC Johnson took the relay today, beating out a field full of close races. In addition, our northern competitors will be happy to hear that the Niagara event has gone green, and we've opened registration.

FDIC Open Day
After a long day of racing, Evansville and Adam Brock win Team and Individual. Congratulations also to George Madison, for making Lion's Den.

We're all set up in Indianapolis, despite some inclement weather today. Individuals will be running tomorrow, followed by relays on Friday, and tandems on Saturday. Competitors are able to park in our lot, along Missouri Ave.

Tuscaloosa Event
We're on the course and excited for the kick-off of the event in Tuscaloosa! Event starts at 4pm, in the parking lot of the University Mall, next to the Belk department store. See you there! **NOTE: The registration trailer is going to close at 3pm so we can get everyone sorted out and the run-order set for an on-time start. Please arrive before 3pm to make sure you're processed in time. Thank you!

Tavares Florida
The 2013 Season has begun! Congratulations to Ryan Hallam and Wendy's of Fredericton who swept team, relay and individual at the event.

FasTag Program
We are officially starting up the Firefighter Challenge FasTag program for 2013. This is a membership rewards program, which will reward competitors with points for what they spend. More information may be found here.

Exhibitor Relay at FDIC 2013
For the second year in a row we are very excited to offer to FDIC exhibitors, the Exhibitor Relay at FDIC! For more information or to register, check out the info here.

We are having a sale on brand-new Rescue Randys right now! Call the office, 301.421.4433, or email us for pricing! *Pick-up is not available. Randy's can only be shipped.

Updated Schedule Posted
The latest version of the 2013 Challenge tour schedule has been posted. It is available here.

Competitor Run Database
To make the results more accessable, we have created a database of every individual run from 2007 through 2012.

2013 Registration has opened
Registration has opened for the first three events, just click on the register, or schedule tabs to get there.

The Playlist
Dr. Davis talks about the music that is played at an event, and asks for you input in his latest blog post.

Updated Season 2013 Schedule Posted
An updated version of our 2013 season schedule has been posted. Take a look here.

Rings are HERE!
We're excited to share with our World Challenge XX! champions that the rings from Jostens have arrived, and we will be shipping them off shortly to those of you who earned them! Congrats, and look for those in the mail soon!

Updated Schedule Posted
The most updated version of the 2013 tour schedule has been posted. There are some new additions and changes, so check it out here.

The Tentative 2013 Schedule Is Here!
We are excited to announce that we have a schedule now of the 2013 Season to share with you! Click here to view it. This schedule is tentative, but we know you're all itching to see where we might be this season, so here's your first look! More updates will be published often, so check back frequently!

"Where's the 2013 Schedule?"
Around this time this year, this question gets asked a lot. In his latest blogspot, Dr. Davis goes over the issues around putting together the schedule. Read the latest here.

Dr. Davis Is Looking For Your Motivational Stories!
In his latest blog, Dr. Davis is looking for your stories of motivation when it comes to getting off the couch and getting physical. Read the blog here, and send him your stories!

Scott Award Ceremony Photos
All of the edited photos from Friday and Saturday's award ceremonies are now posted online! View them all here!

Veteran Patch Program
To show our appreciaton for the competitors that have helped make the challenge what it is today, we have instituted a pacth program based on how many times you have run the individual competition. Click here to enter your information and get a patch.

Lion's Den Photos Are Posted!
Pictures from our Lion's Den induction ceremony in Myrtle Beach, during World Challenge XXI, are now posted on our Flickr page! Take a look here!

World Challenge XXII Dates
After listening to a great deal of feedback from our competitors, we have heard your message about overlapping with Halloween. Therefore, we have finalized the dates of Tuesday, October 22 through Sunday, October 27, for World Challenge XXII. A big thank you to our competitors for your responses!

Between the Rock and the Hard Place
Dr. Paul talks about the issues with scheduling World Challenge on his blog here. In addition, if you'd like to weigh in you can give your input on our WCXXI Survey, or talk on the subject on our forum here.

We're very excited to share the link to ALL of the video content from World's in Myrtle Beach! After working out some issues with technology, you can now view ALL SIX days of video content here!

Latest Blog Post From Dr. Davis
Dr. Davis has published his latest blog post, discussing the Livestream broadcast from Myrtle Beach 2012. Rake a look and read it here!

World Challenge Photos Posted!
More candid pictures from World Challenge XXI have been posted to Flickr! Awards photos to come soon...Check them out here.

WC XXI Tandem and Relay Finals
Congratulations to Westminster, and all our other tandem and relay champions, who won over very difficult competition this week.

Finals Day 2
Tandems begin at 9 am, opening ceremony for relays is at 11:30. The tandem run order can be found here.

WC XXI Team and Individual FInals
Congratulations to Kamloops, Jamie McGarva, Amber Bowman, RIck Stephens, Lonnie Lewis, Jimmy Kolar, Cyril Fraser, Chris Wagner, our newest World Champions.

Finals Day 1
All competitors do still have to sign a waiver before running today. Opening Ceremonies being at 11 am. Here is the run order for the day: Page One and Page Two.

Lion's Den Event Info.
The Lion's Den event will be tonight at The Marriott Myrtle Beach, located at 8400 Costa Verde Drive, Myrtle Beach. We'll also be holding the annual hot helmet contest, for the coolest helmet design!

Wild Card Day 4
The first part of the run order is available here.

Run Order For Relays Wednesday Afternoon
The run order is posted here for the relay competition for Wednesday afternoon.

Run Order For Tandems Wednesday Afternoon
The run order is posted here for the tandem competition for Wednesday afternoon.

Wild Card Day 3
The first part of the run order is available here. Updated as of 7:42 AM.

A Blog Entry by Dr. Davis About The Livestream Broadcast
During this week of World Challenge, we've had our fair share of troubles related to getting our live broadcast up and running. Dr. Davis offers an explanation and insight about our technical difficulties in this blog spot.

Run Order for Relays Tuesday Afternoon
The run order is posted here for the relay competition for Tuesday afternoon.

Run Order For Tandems Tuesday Afternoon
The run order is posted here for the tandem competition for Tuesday afternoon.

Run Order For Tuesday's World Challenge
The run order for the individuals for Tuesday, November 13, is available here.

World Challenge Day 1
The first wild card day is in the books, and the second days run order is available here.

Wild Card Day 1 Run Order
The first part of the run order is available here. We anticipate starting at 9 am, with no opening ceremony. Additional individual and team competitors will be added as they register. As always during the Wild Cards, the order will go from individual/team, to tandems, and finish with relays.

The Livestream Link Now Available
The link for our LIVE Livestream broadcast is now available! Starting Monday, at around noon, the broadcast will commence. We will update this homepage and Facebook with an announcement when we're online. The first three hours will not be available live, due to an Internet connection, but those hours will be recorded for later broadcast. Visit the link here: http://www.livestream.com/firefightercombatchallenge

Wednesday Full
Due to the large demand, the third wildcard day (Wednesday Nov 14th) is now full. If you absolutely must run on the 14th, we enourage you to contact Daniel.

Photos From Nationals Are Up!
More photos from our time at Nationals outside San Diego have been posted! Check out day two (Tandem) coverage here...

2012 Season Wrap Up
The 2012 season is over, with only the worlds to go. Dr. Davis reflects back on it in is latest blog here.

The Individual Feature Race Is Now On YouTube
Check out the Individual feature race between Dave Bowman and Justin Couperus here!

Oak Forest Relay And Tandem Event
Waukegan took the real category, while Shane Farmer and David Bowman won the male tandem.

Oak Forest Open Event
Waukegan was victorious in the team event, while Justin Couperous won the open with a 1:33.52.

What if we were all Parisian firefighters?
Live from Paris....Dr. Davis discusses an interesting and throught provoking daily fitness test that each Parisian firefighter must complete before being allowed to ride on his shift. Read all about it here.

Berlin Firefighter Challenge
Dr. Davis shares his experience at the recent Berlin Firefighter Combat Challenge in Germany.

Freeport, Maine Event
The Challenge returned to the northeast for the 2012 season! Open male and female were won by the MacKenzie and Whitney Briggs, respectively.

Hawarden Relay and Tandem
Team USAFA took the male relay with an impressive 1:13, while the Midwest Mayhem tandem took the male category.

Hawarden Open
In their first outing of the year, Run Faster Omaha took team, while Jerry Kleidosty took both male and over 40.

New Blogspot About The Newly Renamed Rookie Award
In this blog entry, Dr. Davis announces the newly renamed Rookie of the Year Award, in memory of P.J. Bean from Tuscaloosa, AL. Read the blog entry here.

Nationals Confirmed
We have confirmed that Nationals will be taking place in San Diego October 26 - 28th. More details will be posted as we have them. We at On Target regret the circumstances that have delayed this announcement.

Hotel Information For World Challenge XXI
All the hotel deals and information you need to plan your trip to World Challenge XXI is now available in the World's section of our website. Click here to check out the list.

GNC Standings Updated
You can see the most recent Grand National Championship standings here. In addition, if you have any more comments for us, our most recent survey can be accessed here.

Charleston Relay and Tandem
Horry County took the relay title, getting revenge on Shaw Air Force Base for their loss in the Team competition the previous day.

Charleston Open
Shaw AFB beat Horry County for Team title, while Dave Bowman took both Male and 40+ categories. In addition, Dr. Paul Davis has some important information about Nationals, checking-in, and more...

Lexington Relay and Tandem
Montgomery took the relay event, while Evansville took the male tandem. However the news of the weekend was the new Over 60 Tandem record of 1:59.16, set by challenge legends Chuck LeBlanc and Bill Pietrantonio.

Lexington Open
Montgomery Blue took team, while Adam Brock took his second straight open male victory. In addition, the first step of registration for Worlds (picking days) is now open, under the worlds page.

New Blog Posts
Dr. Davis reflects on the Sandusky & Fishers events. In addition, Vegas and Tyler are now open for registration.

Fishers Tandem & Relay
Adam Brock & Evansville continued their run, taking Relay for the first time (with only three people no less), as well as male tandem.

Fishers Open
Despite some extra challenges, the Fishers Open day is in the books. Adam Brock took the top place with a 1:35, while Waukegan took the team.

Today's Individual competition will be starting a little later than scheduled due to unexpected course damage from a landing helicopter's wind vortex earlier this afternoon.

Event Satisfaction Survey
If you'd like us to know your feelings on the events so far during 2012, take our survey.

The Firefighter Challenge Returns to the Northeast
We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a firefighter challenge in Freeport, Maine on September 7th. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sandusky Relay & Tandem
After beating So-Flo and Windsor, Hamilton took the top relay spot. The female So-Flo relay posted an impressive time of 1:57, while Oakville/Hamilton posted an excellent male tandem time of 1:19.

Sandusky Open
Despite some interference from the weather, team So-Flo took the team event with a 5:13. Shaun Henderson won the individual open with a 1:31.

Scott World Challenge XXI Registration
Registration will open within two weeks. Check back here for that announcement.

Keeping Randy Together
In response to recent inquires, here is a short PDF description of how we dress and assemble Rescue Randy's for the rigors of the event.

Montgomery, Alabama
Dr Davis shares thoughts on a great event in Montgomery, AL, and new records here.

WC XXI Bye Procedures
The procedures for World's byes are undergoing a shift, to a more international focus, you can read the revised version here.

Montgomery Relay & Tandem
In our biggest field this year, Montgomery Red was victorious in the male relay category.

Montgomery Open
For the first time in over a decade, a first time competitor won the regional, as well as getting into Lion's Den. Congratulations to Justin Beliveau. Also congratulations to the Montgomery Blue team, which took the team category.

The Value of Exercise
Dr. Davis talks about the economic value if exercise, in light of the recent supreme court decision here.

Pikeville Open
Another amazingly hot day sees David Bowman once again taking the 40+ and Individual categories.

Cedar Rapids Relay & Tandem
Elgin perservered through a double elimination relay event, and over 90 degree weather, to take their first regional relay title.

Cedar Rapids Open
Despite a blistering hot day, David Bowman took the 40+ and Individual categories today in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Bled, Slovenia
This year's Slovenian Challenge will be held in Bled. Dr. Davis gives more information here.

Casper Relay & Tandem
Casper fire won, taking the male relay category despite strong competition from Longmont, Warren, and Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls won the open Tandem.

Casper Open
Warren Fire narrowly edged out Casper, with a 5:33. Josh Sarters posted a new state record while winning the individual with a 1:36.40.

Blog Post
Dr Davis reflects on his recent personal experience with a herniated disc here.
New Blog Post
Dr Davis talks about a recent challenge team, and second chances in this weeks blog

Carlsbad Tandem and Relays
Sam Squad took the male relay, despite a tough challenge from Longmont Fire.

Carlsbad Open
Sam Squad won the Team event, while Russell Krasnesky conquered the individual and over 40 categories with a 1:33 flat (this is currently the fastest time of Tour 21.)

Jackson Tandem and Relays
Montgomery won the male relay, while Reservoir took the best relay in Mississippi award.

Jackson Open
Montgomery posts a blistering 4:46 to take team, with Jake Baker edging out David Bowman by a tenth of a second.

Talking About Our Senior Competitors
Dr. Davis writes in his latest blog about being an older member of the Challenge community.

Farmers Branch Relay And Tandem
McKinney completed it's sweep, taking the open relay(1:12), the Best of Texas trophy (see pictures to follow) as well as the male tandem. On to Jacksonville, next week.

Farmers Branch Open
McKinney takes team with a 5:09. Matt Harvey and Russell Krasnesky took 1st in open, and over 40.

North Charleston Relay And Tandem
This time, Horry county took first place away from Shaw AFB, with a 1:16, finishing off a large field here in South Carolina.

North Charleston Open
Shaw AFB won their first ever regional today, while David Bowman took open and Over 40.

Stopping the Clock
Dr. Paul talks about the thinking that went into the rule change requiring competitors to stop the clock.

Albertville Relay and Tandem Event
Montgomery Fire continued its streak by sweeping male Relay and Tandem categories in Albertville, Alabama!

Albertville Open Event
Montgomery Fire won both Team, and Individual, with Jake Baker's 1:37.72

Larry Vandenberg
Dr. Paul talks about our first Over 50 competitor in this weeks blog.

Lawton Relay and Tandem Event
McKinney overcame some hot competition on a scorching relay day, beating out the field to take the relay title.

Lawton Open Event
We had the closest team competition ever, SAM squad took the team category with a 5:15.8170, while McKinney had a 5:15.8185.

Where is Mike?
Our Voice of the Challenge, Mike Word will join the tour in progress as soon as he graduates from his arson-law enforcement course next month.

Milford Event
Adam Brock took first place in the open individual, while Fairfield fire won Team and Relay.

Lightening the Load
FDIC was the first event to see the new 5.5 Scott airpack used in the challenge. Dr. Davis talks about the implications here

FDIC Tandem Competition
We finished the 2012 FDIC event with the tandem competition. Despite the colder conditions, Team Genesis of Evansville took top place. On to Milford, Ohio next week.

FDIC Relay Competition
Whiteman AFB, wins the relay event, beating out Team Genesis of Evansville. Tandem competition is still to come tomorrow morning at 10 AM.

FDIC Open Competition
Whiteman Fire's Tim Vanden Haak took first place with a 1:34.09, while Federal Fire (from Fredericton, Canada) took top team with a 5:39.33

FDIC Competitor Parking Info
Competitors may drop off their gear at the Challenge site on South Street. Competitor Parking has been designated at Gate 8 on the South side of Lucas Oil Stadium (on South Capital Avenue). The password at the gate is "FDIC Allison". Come to the registration trailer with any questions.

The Tape Is Back
Dr. Davis talks about how we have found a new product that will allow us to once again determine mis-strikes on the Keiser. Read more here.

Tavares, FL Tandem & Relay Competition
The first relay and tandem competitions of 2012 resulted in victories for So-Florida, and Team STIHL. On to FDIC...

Tavares, FL Open Competition
The 2012 challenge season opened today. Despite his claims of "not having trained since worlds", Rick Stephens lead the pack with a blistering 1:34, taking individual and Over 40.

Let the games begin...
The 2012 season kicks off this weekend with our first regular season event in Tavares, Florida, at Lake Tech Fire Acadmey! For more information on the event, click here.

Venue Planning
Dr. Davis talks about the issues and challenges around planning the Challenge Schedule

FIREFIT CINCINNATI is holding a Good-To-Go clinic on April 7! There will be two sessions held, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For more information, click HERE!!

WC XXI Announced
We are pleased to announce that we will be fulfilling our comittment to a three year run, by holding World Challenge XXI in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, November 12 - 17, 2012. Stay tuned for more information on Nationals.

Seattle Stairclimb Part 2
Dr. Davis expounds upon how to train for a stariclimb event,
with a little help from retired Challenge World Champion, Roy Davis. Read more here.

911 CrossFit RAID Games
911 CrossFit presents RAID Games at the Europa Sports & Fitness EXPO, Orlando, April 27 & 28. $1,000 for top Male athlete and $1,000 for top Female athlete. 3 WODs and 4 Divisions; Masters, Kids, Rx, Scaled. Register at www.Raid-Games.com For more information contact Jim@911Fitness.com or click here.

Seattle Stairclimb Part 1
Dr. Davis reports from the Seattle Stairclimb for the third time, and reflects on the connection between being able to climb stairs, and perform at a fire.

Back in Action
A guest blogspot on the biomechanics of lifting and why you should always lift with your legs.

Updated Schedule
We have posted the most up-to-date 2012 tentative Challenge schedule, which is available to view here.

One Of Our Own
Dr. Davis writes about the fire that effected Challenge veteran Chuck LeBlanc and his family.

Eye Protection
Dr. Davis takes a look, pun intended, at the importance of proper eye protection during physical activity. Read the new blog post here.

Hammers Hammers Hammers
Dr. Davis discusses the proper use of hammers in the challenge, as well as some of our plans to make the forcible entry event more consistent.

Updated Schedule
An updated 2012 schedule has been posted, and may be viewed here.

Rules Updates
An overview of the rules changes and why they were made for the 2012 season, by Dr. Davis.

New Blog Spot
Dr. Davis reflects on the first time we had en event at the Mall in DC.

Updated Schedule
We have updated the schedule and it may be viewed here.

Why We Test
Dr. Davis discusses the reasons why drug testing is part of our sport here.

About The Hose
Dr. Davis begins his first article responding to issues raised in the Worlds Survey, by talking about the change to All-American Hose here.

Merry Christmas
Best holiday wishes from all of us here at On•Target and the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

Updated Schedule
A new schedule is available here. We are continuing to bring new locations onto the schedule, as well as making slight changes to what already exists. Check back frequently as we continue to update.

WC XX Run Videos
Here is the first installment of the individual runs from WC XX, this is about half of the Friday runs. Stay tuned, more will be added as we process the videos.

Dr. Paul talks about travelling to Kamloops to present the trophy to our newest World Champions in his latest blogspot.

Fresh Photos!
New photos from the Individuals/Open Finals have been posted, including pictures from Friday's Scott Award Ceremony in Celebrity Square!

Preliminary Schedule For 2012
As requested, here is our first draft of the 2012 Challenge schedule. The 2012 Season will be opening in Tavares, Florida, April 13.

End Of The Year Rescue Randy Sale
We finished Season XX with more Randies than we had planned. If you're interested in taking advantadge of the special pricing, contact us at 301.421.4433 or via email and mention the website deal.

WCXX Videos
We are in the process of editing and uploading the Livestream to Youtube. This is a time consuming process, but eventually every race should be viewable online. You can see the final individual race between Graham and Claude here. Stay tuned for more videos.

Let us know your thoughts about WCXX
Take the survey here, and give us your input so that we can make next year even better.

It's Official...
At the Lion’s Den, we announced our intent to bring the Official Firefighter Combat Challenge back to Canada in the form of a Canadian National Championship. In the following years, we’ll expand the footprint to hit the major markets in the East and West.

We simply could not ignore the entreaties of hundreds of Canadians who prefer the philosophy and expectations of the original Challenge. It is important that we have the flexibility to change our strategy with the demands of the market, and that world-wide market wants consistency and adherence to unchanging standards.

The newly created International Federation will be the governing body for the growing numbers of nations who likewise see the benefit of a single world-wide standard whereby records have universal meaning.

Congratulations to our Relay and Tandem Champions
Clayton County took the male relay, and the over-40 relay, while the Fire Fembots continued their undefeated streak, clinching another World Championship

Saturday Preliminary Tandems Final Order
Check in starts on the course at 8 AM. Tandems will kick-off promptly at 9 AM.
Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition,

Congratulations to our New World Champions
Kamloops Fire Rescue Team New Gold took the World Championship, as a team. Jeff Leonard took the overall with a 1:26.

Click here for the most up to date version of the run order for the open/individual finals, Friday, November 18.

Friday Preliminary Final Order
Check in starts on the course at 11 am. Opening Ceremonies are at 1 pm.
Click here to view the run order for the final individal and team competition,

Click here to view the run order for the relay competition, Thursday, November 17.

Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition, Thursday, November 17.

Lion's Den will be held at:
Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort at Grande Dunes
8400 Costa Verde Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 2957

The event begins at 7:30 PM.

Click here to view the run order for the open/individual competition, Thursday, November 17.

Click here to view the run order for the relay competition, Wednesday, November 16.

Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition, Wednesday, November 16.

Click here to view the UPDATED run order for the open/individual competition, Wednesday, November 16.

Wednesday Preliminary Order
The order for wednesday has been posted here.

Click here to view the run order for the relay competition, Tuesday, November 15.

Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition, Tuesday, November 15.

Click here to view the run order for the open/individual competition, Tuesday, November 15.

Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition, Monday, November 14.

Click here to view the run order for the tandem competition, Monday, November 14.

Click here to view the run order for the open/individual competition, Monday, November 14.

Monday Preliminary Start Order
The first 33 runs of World Challenge XX have been posted and are viewable here. We will be kicking off exactly at 9 AM. We'd like to wish good luck to everyone competing this year, here in Myrtle Beach!

Livestream Internet Broadcast
Starting Monday, November 14, we will be broadcasting LIVE from Myrtle Beach, via a link that will be posted here on the Challenge homepage.

Must Read Information For Competitors At Myrtle Beach
Pertinent information for all competitors headed to Myrtle Beach. Dr. Davis has some last minute instructions to all attendants. Click here to read.

2011 Nationals - Relay Day
USAFA breaks Clayton County's streak and wins the male relay. Also winning their categories were The Fire Fembots and the Clayton County Over 40 team.

2011 Nationals - Tandem Day
During a wet day, Clayton County took the open tandem. Old Dog New Trick kept their hold on the female tandem. Rick Stephens and Dave Bowman won the Over 40 tandem, while Dave teamed up with irena Elmstrom to win the CoEd. The Over 50 tandem was conquered by Bret Yundt and Al Ertzner.

2011 Nationals - Open Day
Team Run faster Omaha has regained the 2011 National Title, beating out Team MOS Dragonfire with a 4:43.94. However, MacKenzie and Whitney Briggs kept the individual categories in the family, taking the male and female opens.

2011 Lion's Den Inductees
Please review the list of 2011 Lion's Den Inductees by clicking here. If you believe that you were eligible for induction but your name does not appear on the list, please contact Daniel Pace; otherwise, there will be no changes to the list as published.

WC XX Registration - Continued
All registrations will first be processed for the primary day. Once your registration is approved, you can contact us to arrange payment either through email or by calling us at 301-421-4433. You can check who has been approved here

WC XX Registration Opens
Registration to pick your days for WCXX is open here. More to come.

New Blog Post - The Ted Overcash Award
If you don't know who Ted Overcash is, or even if you do, you might want to read Dr. Davis's post about it here.

WC XX Waiver Extension
Due to the number of requests for waivers we have received, we have extended the deadline until October 21st. More information is repeated below.

We will be enforcing the rule that requires all competitors at WC XX to have run at a previous regional. If you are not able to qualify due to extenuating circumstances, a formal request has to be submitted at least 1 month before the Worlds (Now extended 1 week until October 21st). That's just 7 days away. You can email us at dpace@ontargetchallenge.com

New Blog Post
Dr. Davis reflects on the contributions of Steve Jobs, and the benefits of being proactive about your health here.

Tyler, TX Relay and Tandem Day
McKinney took the relay event from a full field of 32, while Tyler took the over 40 relay. This concludes the normal part of the years schedule. On to Nationals in just a few weeks.

Tyler, TX Open Day
Jeff Leonard barely beat out John Woolery to win the open category, with a 1:31.55 to a 1:31.76. Hayward also beats Sam Squad by 3 seconds, on the next to last race of the day.

Still Need Proof?
In this blog post, Dr. Davis speaks about the importance of actually walking the walk. Read about it here

A Message From Dr. Davis
View a video message from Dr. Paul Davis in reference to the postponement of the Sandusky, Ohio event here.

Sandusky, OH Challenge Postponed until 2012
In consideraton of the safety of the competitors due to the extreme weather, we have been forced to cancel the Sandusky, OH event. All competitors who had paid to run will either be refunded or have a credit for a later event. All competitors who were registered to compete at the event to qualify for worlds are officially approved to run.

Sandusky, OH Challenge Postponed Until Tomorrow
Due to high winds and inclement weather on the penninsula, we are postponing today's competition. We will begin all competition (individuals, tandems and relays) tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 9 AM.

Our Fathers Fought the Second World War
In this blog post, Dr. Davis speaks about an inspirational sight. Read about it here.

TInley Park - Tandem and Relay Results
Whiteman AFB won a very close relay race, beating out USAFA by a penalty. The Genesis/Evansville metro tandem of Adam Brock and George Madison had a great run, winning the male tandem with a 1:19.94.

TInley Park - Open Day Results
Team Run Faster Omaha beat out a large field of 130 competitors with a convincing 4:47.34. Harry Myers took the best individual with a 1:32.66.

Elkton Results
Team MOS won team with a 4:57.11. Team Rescue Mode took relay. Elgin solidified it's hold on the Team GNC, while gaining slightly on Team Warren in the relay.

A Reminder
We will be enforcing the rule that requires all competitors at WC XX to have run at a previous regional. If you are not able to qualify due to extenuating circumstances, a formal request has to be submitted at least 1 month before the Worlds (October 14th). That's just 31 Days away now. You can email us at dpace@ontargetchallenge.com

Clarification - any U.S. event this year, including Nationals counts as a regional for the purposes of qualification. And yes, this requirement is in effect for Canadian competitors as well.

Casper Relay and Tandems
On this special day we honor all those that have sacrificed for our freedom. In Challenge News, Longmont Colorado won the relay event, beating out the USAFA JV Team

Casper Open Day
Jeff Leonard wins another open regional at Casper, WY with a 1:32.95. The local boys pulled out the team category with a very respectable 5:18.12. Challenge legend Mike Vogt also came out of retirement to put up a 2:39.35

NEW Blog Post
In this post, Dr. Davis speaks about the science, and necessity of rest. Read about it here

Live Entertainment At Nationals!
Indian River State College is happy to announce that there will be a live band playing on Saturday, October 29 following the conclusion of the day's Challenge activity. The Dirt Drifters will be playing at the same venue as the Challenge and there will be no cost!

Veteran Patch Program
To show our appreciaton for the competitors that have helped make the challenge what it is today, we have instituted a pacth program based on how many times you have run the individual competition. Click here to enter your information and get a patch.

Book It For World Challenge XX
Hotel information for World Challenge XX in Myrtle Beach has now been posted. Click on the "Worlds" link in the top navigation bar and follow the links. It's not too early to start taking advantage of the deals and book in advance! More information about Worlds will be posted here in the future.

Keiser Sale
For Sale! A barely used Keiser Force Machine for the unbelievable price of $2322, F.O.B. Randal's Island, NYC. Gently used for about 3 hours at the World Games. Call Steve of Keiser 800-888-7009 ext 127 or (559) 930-1298. First Come, First Served: otherwise it gets packed up and shipped back to Frenso tomorrow (Friday)

U.S. Nationals Information
Information about this year's U.S. Nationals has been posted, including information about WCXX Byes and hotel information for the October 28-30 event at Indian River State College. Click on the link on the homepage, or here.

The Origin of the Challenge
Dr. Davis tells a brief history of the first beginnings of the Challenge. Read about it here.

Hurricane Irene
As Irene went through the east coast, she took out power in a wide swath, including where the On•Target servers are physically located. We are back up and running now. Thank you for your patience while we were down.

GNC Standings
Thanks to the help of several competitors, a discrepancy with the GNC standings has been addressed. They are now correct and updated to include Charleston, WV results.

Charleston, WV Challenge - Relay & Tandem
The Open-Relay category was captured by Team M.O.S., while Team Boca's women won the female relay. Darren Hillman and Shaun Henderson took the Open-Tandem, with a convincing 1:17.

Charleston, WV Challenge - Open Day
MacKenzie Briggs won the open category, beating Darren Hillman by 2 hundredths of a second. Team Windsor made up for it by beating MacKenzie's Team (M.O.S. Training) to take the top spot in the team category.

GNC's Updated
For those of you who are in the running, the updated GNC standings can be found in the results section or click here.

NEW Blog Post
This week, Dr. Davis talks about handling the best way to survive the heat while competitng.

Lexington Challenge - Relay and Tandem Day
Team Met-Rx made up for yesterday's loss, winning out over a strong relay field. Evansville's Adam Brock and George Madison won the open tandem with an impressive hose drag, finishing with a 1:17.54.

Lexington Challenge - Open Day
Once again Dave Bowman proves the old adage about age and treachery... defeating the field of younger competitors as well as locking up the over 40 category. In a squeaker, Team Fairfield won the team category, edging out perenial champion Team Met-Rx by .89 seconds.

New World Challenge XX Registration Procedure
Registration for World Challenge XX will be slightly different this year. It will still open after Nationals, but qualified competitors will need to register by emailing Daniel (dpace@ontargetchallenge.com), to assure that everyone receives a fair shot at the days they desire. Stay tuned for more detailed information.

Colorado Challenge Pictures
Because of a substitution in staff for the weekend, pictures will be slightly delayed in their posting on the web. Please bear with us as we get them posted as soon as we can. Thank you.

NEW Blog Post
This week, Dr. Davis talks about what motivates us to do work out, and what the state of knowledge is on making the link from what we know we should do, to actually doing it. Click here to read his entire blog post.

Charlotte Challenge Results
Because of a substitution in staff for the weekend, results will be slightly delayed in their posting on the web. Please bear with us as we get that data posted as soon as we can. Thank you.

Rapid City, South Dakota Photos Delayed
Due to Internet connectivity difficulties in South Dakota, the photos from this week will be posted late.

NEW Blog Post
This week, Dr. Davis talks about flights and ways to save when it comes to preparing to travel to an event. Click here to read his entire blog post.

Vail Survey
We would like the input from firefighters who went to the Vail event the last two years, or who are interested in going in the future. Please take this quick survey

NEW Blog Post
Dr. Davis shares thoughts about the Vail, Colorado Challenge and looks for YOUR feedback in a quick survey. Click here to read more...

NEW Blog Post
Dr. Davis talks about performance enhancing drugs and drug testing in today's athletic climate. Click here to read more...

Blog Post
Dr Davis discusses friends and connections made over time. Click here to read more...

Pro Tech 8 Gloves Available at the Montgomery Event
Pro Tech 8 will be exhibiting at the Southeastern Fire Chief Show, if any competitors need any Pro-Tech 8 gloves they can purchase them at booth # 1206 Thursday and Friday during the SEAFC.

State Champion Patches and Certificates mailed
If you or your team were a new state champion from 2010, and have not received your patch/certificate, please contact us

Blog Post
Dr Davis reports on the new Good 2 Go initiative. Click here to read more...

Blog Post
Dr Davis on technology and innovation. Click here to read more...

Blog Post
There are many great venues that hold the challenge, this was definitely one of the most interesting. Click here to read more...

Blog Post
Sometimes putting on the Challenge is a challenge in and of itself . Click here to read more...

Tuscaloosa Event Cancelled
Due to the devastating storm on Wednesday, the Tuscaloosa Firefighter Challenge event is cancelled. Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the storm.

Networking Social on Friday in Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa Firefighters Local 403 will be hosting a "Networking Social" for teams and sponsors of the Tuscaloosa Firefighter Combat Challenge on Friday April 29th from 5:30 to 7:30. Enjoy great food prepared by the Local 403 cook team while you visit with other teams, sponsors, and the staff of On Target.

The event will be at the event site in downtown Tuscaloosa. Afterwards you are encouraged to spend time in the downtown area enjoying great music and entertainment (less than a block away).

For Garmin, TomTom's or other devices use 2402 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa AL 35401 as the site address.

State Champions Updated
The State Champion list has been updated, you can see it here or at the normal place. If you think we've missed you or notice anything incorrect let us know here.

Get More About Recent Challenge News....
Get in depth expainations about the Challenge, rule changes, etc. by reading Dr. Davis's blog. Click here to go to it!

WC XX Announced, New Schedule posted
World Challenge XX will be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina November 14th - 19th. In addition more changes have been made to the upcoming schedule, check it out in the link to the left.

The FDIC Challenge individuals on Thursday, March 24, 2011 has been postponed until tomorrow, Friday, March 25 at 11 AM! Tandems and relays will be on Saturday, March 26 at 10 AM!

There is NO FREE PARKING at FDIC or our Challenge in Indianapolis this weekend. Competitors may drop their stuff off at the site, but will have to find another place to park. Because of the busy nature of this weekend, a garage is going to be your best bet.

New Rules & Procedures for 2011
Dr. Davis has posted a new blog entry regarding new rules and procedures that have been added for this 2011 season. Take a look!

Challenge Playlist Search
We are currently looking for song recommendations for the Challenge playlist during competitions. Send any song title and artist name to contact@ontargetchallenge.com!

EMS TODAY: The JEMS Conference & Exposition

EMS TODAY: The JEMS Conference & Exposition will be in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, at the Baltimore Convention Center, March 1 - 5, 2011. Visit www.emstoda.com/ma6 for more information about this event!

Survey Recap
Dr. Davis has been analyzing the results of the on-line survey that over 400 of you completed. He’ll be posting his analysis on the Blog

2011 International Fire & Police Winter Games

Do you like winter sports? Come join the 2011 International Fire & Police Winter Games, Jan 16 - 21, 2011 at Sunday River, Maine. Sports listed: Hockey, Curling, G Slalom, Slalom, Fire hose race, Snowboard, Cross-country, and Snowshoeing. We are raising money to benefit the Shriners Hospital, Children's Burn Center and Special Olympics. Check us out at www.ifpwg.com.

Seeking Regional Operations/Competition Team Members

Serious candidates interested in becoming a regional Challenge staff member for the 2011 season are asked to submit a letter of interest including experience with the Challenge and description of availability to work in your region.

This letter should be sent to Chuck DeGrandpre, On•Target Communications Operations Manager at cdegrandpre@ontargetchallenge.com.

Seeking Mobilization/Operations Team Members

On•Target Communications (OTC) is looking for able bodied, semi-retired, mechanically inclined individuals with CDL willing to join the OTC Mobilization/Operations Team. As we enter our twentieth season we strive to better serve fellow competitors, hosts and sponsors.

If your energetic, not afraid of hard work and long hours, we are looking a few good people to join our OTC Team. As a team member you will be expected to become proficient in all areas of transport, equipment operation, set-up, teardown and course operations. Interested candidates should submit a resume, letter of interest including driving experience and experience, if any, with the Challenge.

Please send your information to: Chuck DeGrandpre, OTC Operations Manager cdegrandpre@ontargetchallenge.com


Congratulations to Palm Beach County, Trevor Fera and all the other new individual and team champions.

U.S. Nationals Update

The FCC has decided to expand U.S. Nationals to a 3 day event.

No Opening Ceremonies
Seeding Round Relays follow after short break

1300hrs- Individuals & Teams

1100hrs-Relay Eliminations

Omaha Hotel Alert

The great rates offered by the Hilton hotel are due to expire on August 19th. If competitors plan to attend this event, the FCC strongly recommends reserving a room today.

The Vail Challenge Needs Your Support

Ryan Sutter, from the TV show The Bachelorette, will be competing in the SCOTT Firefighter Challenge. He is competing for 10.10.10 First Descents Challenge to benefit First Descents, a non-profit organization that provides free outdoor adventure therapy for young adults with cancer.

Sutter will compete in four more of America’s most grueling athletic competitions including the NYC Marathon to raise awareness and $100,000 in donations. Sutter’s mission is to inspire 10,000 people to each donate $10 in support of First Descents as the leader of Team FD, a group of cancer survivors and their supporters who compete in athletic events across the country to raise funds and awareness for First Descents.

Charleston Event

Time is running out... the Charleston event is only a week away! Please sign-up ASAP!

NEW Customized Apparel Store

The Challenge is excited about our partnership with a new company that will be selling customized Challenge apparel for competitors. The you can click here to access the store, or click on the link above the Hot News header.

Vail Event

The Vail event is only a two weeks away! Please sign-up ASAP!

Please Support a Fellow Firefighter

Lt. Brian Mendoza, EMT-I, a 39 year old, 16 year veteran of the Carlsbad Fire Dept. was airlifted from Carlsbad to Lubbock last week with cerebral aneurysms and “showers” of cerebral bleeds. He has no history of trauma, strictly medical etiology. Lubbock was incapable of surgical repair and he has been airlifted to Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. An account has be established at Wells Fargo Bank, Carlsbad, NM (Account # 9246456629, under the names of Gary Aldaz/Scott Maxwell) to assist with family expenses.

Pro-Tech 8 Grand National Championships

The FCC would like to thank Tech Trade, manufacturer of the Pro-Tech 8 glove, for becoming the 2010 sponsor of the Grand National Championships. Due to their support of the Challenge, competitors will get to enjoy a catered reception at the 2010 World Challenge.
Please visit the Pro-Tech 8 Grand National Championship page to view current competitor standings.

Casper Event

The Casper event is only a week away! Please sign-up ASAP!

Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge Slovenia

-Thursday, September 9th- Competition overview
-Friday, September 10th- Training for all competitors & reception
-Saturday, September 11th- Competition and awards ceremony
-Specific event details and times: Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge Slovenia
-Event location: Anton Tomaz Linhart School Stadium, Rafovljica
-Event day starts Saturday at 8 a.m. with registration

Please Support the Evansville Event

As everyone can attest to, the economy is hitting hard and Evansville is no exception! As a result the organizers of the Evansville Combat Challenge are planning to hold a benefit concert for Friday October 15, 2010 with the proceeds going to help pay for the Evansville Event. There are 3 great bands lined up. The catch is that this concert will be outside in the Casino Aztar Events Plaza during a time of year that may or may not be cold. We are attempting to obtain outdoor heaters like many restaurants use to keep people warm. Alcohol will be sold but there will be a family friendly section free from the alcohol.

We would like to know:
How many competitors and crew would be willing to pay around $10.00 to listen to the music? Would anyone would be willing to pre-purchase their ticket online with paypal or by sending a check?
If you’re not planning on attending the Evansville Event or the concert, how many would be willing to purchase a ticket anyway as a donation?
The Challenge community is huge and with the help and support from fellow competitors, anything can be possible!
Replies to the above poll can be sent to J. Jones.

The Fourth Annual Firefighter Challenge Berlin

-Friday and Saturday, September 4 - 5, 2010
-Specific event details and times: Berlin Firefighter Challenge
-In Potsdammer Platz (Potsdam Square) in Berlin, near the Deutsche Bahn headquarters.
-Event day starts Friday at 8 a.m., and Saturday at 7 a.m. with registration

Lubbock Event

The Lubbock event is taking place the same weekend as the Texas Tech graduation. We strongly recommend that competitors secure hotel rooms ASAP!

US Air Force Academy Event Video

Video coverage from our Challenge at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado is posted on the USAFA event coverage page.

Other videos can be found on our YouTube channel: FFCCTV.

Wanna See Past Coverage From Season 2010?

Did you miss coverage from a past event? Want to see that YouTube video from the event that featured your race? Visit our channel on YouTube (FFCCTV) and look though our videos. (Accessible by clicking on any current video and looking through other videos published on the FFCCTV channel.)

Photos can be found on our Flickr page, and accessed by clicking on the current album on our site, then look for other photo sets.

Results can be found by clicking the link on the left side of our homepage.

An archive page with direct links will be up on our Web site soon!

G2G Change

We are making a change in how we organize and promote the Challenge Clinics (formerly known as Good To Go). From this point forward, we will conduct HOTS (Hands On Training Sessions) at Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge venues where time and space are possible. There will be NO charge for these clinics. We do ask that you register your intent to attend. This will help us with the logistics. Recognizing that for first-timers, there’s a lot to absorb, and that the instructional videos on-line likewise contain a lot of information, we encourage all of our new competitors to take advantage of the clinics. G2G is being rolled out as a stand alone program and will be announced later as venues develop.

Tucson Check-In

Check-in will be open from 3PM to 6PM on Friday. Rather than waking up at 5 AM, please take advantage of this opportunity offered to you by the FCC.

The International Fire & Police Winter Games!

Now announcing the International Fire & Police Winter Games to take place at Sunday River, Maine, January 16 through 21, 2011. visit their Web site here.

The International Fire & Police Winter Games is about camaraderie and having fun while emphasizing excellence in physical fitness. There are summer events, like the Firefighter Combat Challenge, that test the strength and ability of both fire and law enforcement personnel around the globe. The mission, with the 2011 Winter Games, is to promote physical training during the cold winter months, while creating a fun atmosphere involving winter sports. Check them out: www.ifpwg.com.

Firefighter Combat Challenge Trials
Registration for the Brandon, MS Trials can be found here

Kissimmee G2G Program

The FCC will conduct a Good 2 Go program on Friday, May 21st at 12:00 p.m. Come down for tips and tricks for navigating the course. Please visit the G2G website for more details.

Marlborough Info

Please drop off any equipment at competition area and park vehicles at designated event parking areas. Once in the event area, competitor tents can be set up in assigned location. Please look for signs indicating competitor tent area.

After competitions on Saturday, May 15th, at 9pm you are invited to enjoy the music of The Missy Maxfield Project featuring 3 members of Local 1714 at Dante's Blues Club and Sports Bar at Firefly's. Kick back, relax, and enjoy Firefly's award-winning bar-b-que and Southern fare located at 350 East Main Street in Marlborough, MA; just a short drive from the Embassy Suites!

Season Kickoff and Update

Start System
In the minds of some, the new Christmas tree is a major change but a more careful inspection reveals little has changed. Contrary to what you may have believed, touching the High-Rise Pack was never allowed. The major difference now is that competitors no longer have to depress a pressure switch with their hands. Instead, you stand on the 3’ long pad. We’ve taken out the human element of the start. Every race starts the same way, to the same count. As soon as both competitors are on the pads, the computer automatically stages the race and the lights start the count down. Check out the video posted on our Web site for more details.

The 2010 Tour
Scheduling an event these days has been a challenge, to use a familiar word. This is a complicated process, made more complicated by the shortage of local sponsorship. In an ideal world, we’d have a national sponsor that would fill-in the void, supporting the shortfall for every venue. This would allow us to post a whole year’s schedule well in advance. Coordinating more than 30 active requests takes hundreds of telephone calls and almost 2,000 staff hours. So, until we can find a new national sponsor, we ask for your understanding and patience.

The Official Firefighter Combat Challenge Forum
We realize that we’ve not spent a lot of effort on our Forum, but this is going to change. Brandon Cunningham will monitor the Training category. Jackie Riedel is the staff liaison and will ensure that everyone’s questions are answered. It’s incredibly easy to use- one mouse click from the homepage. Create a user name/account and in a day, you can be posting. We’re very easy to contact- outside of the forum as well. We pride ourselves in being responsive- returning telephone calls or answering email as soon as possible.

Good To Go (G2G) Program
There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and we certainly wouldn’t warrant that there’s only one way to prepare for the Challenge. We want to make everyone’s first event a success. It’s amazing what a few hours of hands-on training, under the tutelage of the likes of a David Bowmen can do for your first attempt. In a perfect world, we’d prefer to see everyone do a Tandem first before attempting a solo run.

The Keiser
It’s an established fact that the coefficient of friction of the Keiser sled changes with temperature. For this reason, every effort is made to establish a N-S orientation to keep both sides of the course in the sun. Like every sport other than say- bowling and pool, weather is a factor- and I’ve written on this topic numerous times before. Over the winter, we explored the use of heating elements that would keep the tray at a constant temperature, or at least at some standards number of degrees above ambient when temperatures were below 70°F. What we learned is that 110v is not going to work because we’re an all-weather event and electrocution is not an option. So, we’re going to have to explore the use of 12v as an alternative. In the meantime, as a multi-season, outdoor event, the elements will be a factor. Sorry.

Rules & Protocols
We’ve been fielding a few phone calls about the boot rule. This is not a change- only in enforcement. Regrettably, we have been lax and will be no longer. With the addition of the Over 50 Relay category, Jostens will provide Championship Rings, but rings for the Tandems will be dropped to offset the costs.

Marlborough, MA G2G Program

The FCC will conduct a Good 2 Go program on Friday, May 14th at 12:30 p.m. Come down for tips and tricks for navigating the course. Please visit the G2G website for more details.

Albertville,AL G2G Program

The FCC will conduct it's first Good 2 Go program of the season on Friday, May 7th at 4 p.m. Come down for tips and tricks for navigating the course from Challenger Superstar, Dave Bowman. Please visit the G2G website for more details. Discuss on our forum.

Season Kickoff and Update

Start System
In the minds of some, the new Christmas tree is a major change but a more careful inspection reveals little has changed. Contrary to what you may have believed, touching the High-Rise Pack was never allowed. The major difference now is that competitors no longer have to depress a pressure switch with their hands. Instead, you stand on the 3’ long pad. We’ve taken out the human element of the start. Every race starts the same way, to the same count. As soon as both competitors are on the pads, the computer automatically stages the race and the lights start the count down. Check out the video posted on our website for more details.

The 2010 Tour
Scheduling an event these days has been a challenge, to use a familiar word. This is a complicated process, made more complicated by the shortage of local sponsorship. In an ideal world, we’d have a national sponsor that would fill-in the void, supporting the shortfall for every venue. This would allow us to post a whole year’s schedule well in advance. Coordinating more than 30 active requests takes hundreds of telephone calls and almost 2,000 staff hours. So, until we can find a new national sponsor, we ask for your understanding and patience.

The Official Firefighter Combat Challenge Forum
We realize that we’ve not spent a lot of effort on our Forum, but this is going to change. Brandon Cunningham will monitor the Training category. Jackie Riedel is the staff liaison and will ensure that everyone’s questions are answered. It’s incredibly easy to use- one mouse click from the homepage. Create a user name/account and in a day, you can be posting. We’re very easy to contact- outside of the forum as well. We pride ourselves in being responsive- returning telephone calls or answering email as soon as possible.

Good To Go (G2G) Program
There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and we certainly wouldn’t warrant that there’s only one way to prepare for the Challenge. We want to make everyone’s first event a success. It’s amazing what a few hours of hands-on training, under the tutelage of the likes of a David Bowmen can do for your first attempt. In a perfect world, we’d prefer to see everyone do a Tandem first before attempting a solo run.

The Keiser
It’s an established fact that the coefficient of friction of the Keiser sled changes with temperature. For this reason, every effort is made to establish a N-S orientation to keep both sides of the course in the sun. Like every sport other than say- bowling and pool, weather is a factor- and I’ve written on this topic numerous times before. Over the winter, we explored the use of heating elements that would keep the tray at a constant temperature, or at least at some standards number of degrees above ambient when temperatures were below 70°F. What we learned is that 110v is not going to work because we’re an all-weather event and electrocution is not an option. So, we’re going to have to explore the use of 12v as an alternative. In the meantime, as a multi-season, outdoor event, the elements will be a factor. Sorry.

Rules & Protocols
We’ve been fielding a few phone calls about the boot rule. This is not a change- only in enforcement. Regrettably, we have been lax and will be no longer. With the addition of the Over 50 Relay category, Jostens will provide Championship Rings, but rings for the Tandems will be dropped to offset the costs.

Paul O. Davis Ph.D.

Discussion Link

State Champions
State Champions are updated

Firefighter Combat Challenge Trials
The Firefighter Combat Challenge Trials are a way for new competitors to get their feet wet before trying the main event. More information and registration can be found here

Discussion Thread

Please Support the Albertville, AL
Firefighter Challenge Next Saturday – May 8!

Albertville, Al had a tornado last weekend. In spite of this setback, the city and region are determined to hold the best and first-ever Alabama Firefighter Challenge that can be mustered! Please show your support to both Albertville and Alabama. Come, compete, and help them celebrate their fire/rescue heroes who have done so much during this difficult recovery.Discuss

Charleston, SC ALERT

Due to reasons beyond our control, we regret to inform you that the Charleston, SC event has been canceled. We hope to re-schedule later this year and will continue to post updates as they come.

New Start System/Christmas Tree Start System

The new starting system preview video has been posted. Check our YouTube channel or www.ffcc.tv for the link.

On the subject of the new “Drag-Race” Christmas Tree Start System

Our reasoning for developing a new start system; One: In the past, competitors have been able to delay the race by playing the “up and down game“ forcing the other competitor to stay in a crutched position with his/her diaphragm compressed unable to have adequate air exchange while waiting for the race to begin. Two: The competitors have been moving the high rise pack to allow one hand or fingers under the pack with their thumbs or a foot and one thumb to depress the staging pads. (Clearly not allowed by current rules.) Three: Competitors critical of the start method and timing inconsistencies continually badger the FCC starter. (The starter is always balancing the variables while attempting consistent starts; it's very subjective.) Four: Due to the old system inconsistencies, rather than have false starts, we've been forced to start many times using the bypass buttons. Five: Competitors have continually complained about staging lights, verbal staging instructions and start sirens. They don't see the stage lights, don't hear or pay attention to the verbal commands and are surprised by the siren. Six: We have developed a system that is truly consistent, has high visibility (due to the competitor stance and Christmas tree placement), allows the crowd to participate in the start sequence, returns us to the no hands on the high rise rule and prevents a competitor from interfering with or delaying the start of the race. No one likes change, it's normal to feel threatened by change. Remember the fact that over time competitors have taken liberties outside of the rule ie; hands on the high rise pack, moving the high rise pack to one side, fingers under the pack with thumbs on staging pads, all major reasons for our updating the system. The chance of screwing up is diminished with the consistent staging and Christmas tree start lighting system, every race is timed the same, it never changes- you have both LED lighting and the siren to initiate the race. If you take into consideration the fact you‘re not allowed to touch in any way, the high rise pack (something we would have addressed with or without the new start system) and no competitor can delay the start ( either intentionally or unintentionally) this is the best solution. This is why drag racing has been using the Christmas trees for over 40 years. There is no subjectivity as to who jumped the gun. The computer will not only indicate the lane that fouled, but by how many hundredths of a second! Lastly, the dimensions and placement of all components and pads has yet to be finalized. All of these changes have been made to assure the competitor is staged properly for the race, the system allows for the competitors to get into their stance and be ready for the race. Every competitor shall enjoy an identical start procedure for every race. The ruling on the high rise pack simply stands as it was originally written and the fact that a competitor can no longer delay the race has been addressed. We will have a new video posted coincidental with the first event in Milford.

A Reminder About Turnout Gear Rules

All competitors must compete in their own protective equipment. PPE (i.e., turnout gear - helmet, coat, pants, gloves and boots) must be serviceable (i.e., without holes, or excessive ware), approved for structural fire fighting consistent with NFPA 1971 standards in effect at the time of manufacture. Hoods, face shields and earflaps are not required. Articles of turnout gear and SCBA must not be removed or lost, and worn correctly during the competition. If dropped, they must be retrieved and correctly replaced by the competitor before continuing. Non-retrieval results in disqualification. Competitors found to be non-compliant either during or after a competition will be disqualified and their time nullified. Questions about the suitability and compliance should be directed the Course Marshal prior to racing. Duct tape or other visible modifications are not permitted. Coats, jackets and pants must be properly sized and cover the area of intended protection. Collars must be showing (not tucked in). Jackets shall be appropriatley closed throughout the race. Structural boots must have a steel sole/shank and toe (or meet NFPA 1971 protection requirements), including a distinct heel breast (of not less than 90° or more than 135° of not less than 1/2 inch or more than 1 inch) and a vapor barrier. Gloves, likewise must be designated for structural fire suppression and bear an NFPA-compliant label. Officials may inspect all gear prior to participation. Their decisions are final. Competitors who leave their personal gear at the event may have it shipped to them at cost. Any competitor who reports to the Scott Staging Area and is found to be in violation of these rules may be subject to a 15-second penalty and the infraction must be remedied before racing or disqualification may occur depending upon the severity of the infraction.

Now Even More Accessible...

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is making it easier for you to keep up with us! Track updates, information and other information via our account on Twitter.

Is There A Christmas Tree in Your Future?

Been to the drag races lately? Well, the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge has a whole new start system based on the same technology as used by NHRA Drag Racing. Our new system will end forever false starts.
There will be a change in the protocol. No more crouching with hands on the pads. You’ll stand on the pads and watch the lights go from “Stage” to the count down where the light goes green and the siren goes off.
We’ll have a video for you shortly!

Price Change

As you are no doubt aware, prices for labor, travel expenses, and materials have risen sharply in the last few years. We have absorbed these additional costs for as long as possible.
Unfortunately, we are no longer in a position to do so.
Below is our new price list, which is currently effective. Please take the time to review it.
I hope that you understand the reasons for our decision, and that we will be able to continue to serve you in future.

Individuals- Now $75
Tandems- Now $ 90
Relays- $195
Teams- $290

Have You Been Watching the Olympics?

Paul O. Davis, Ph.D.
© 2010, On•Target Communications

For the better part of 12 years I did consulting work for the Redskins and became disillusioned with professional sports populated by convicted felons, substance abusers and cheaters. When I calculated the TV time spent to follow an NFL franchise over the course of a season, more than 60 hours went down the tube- and that doesn’t include attending a game- an investment of up to 8 hours and hundreds of dollars. But, I am interested in the dynamics of major sports. The Olympics have lost some of their allure, as member nations are not unlike major sports franchises: athletes giving up citizenship for a berth on a foreign county’s team. The Olympics were supposed to be about the individual athletes, but that’s not going to pay the huge production cost, so countries like Greece go bankrupt to put on a show that they can ill-afford. Long ago, the hometown team was comprised of local guys who had roots in the community. Now, it’s about the highest bidder. In a nation where sports figures assume near god-like stature, one has to reflect on what is really important. Millions of people badly in need of exercise watch athletes badly in need of rest. Salaries bear sad testimony to our inverted value system. In a perfect world, first grade teachers should be at the top of the pyramid. Or as Lee Iacocca said, “Only the best would be teachers and the rest would have to settle for something else.” But whether it’s a visit to the Dallas Cowboys palace with Mark Gist or Disney World last week, there are lessons that can be learned and transferred to make the Firefighter Combat Challenge better and better. Many Olympians have trained intensely for four years to get their 12 seconds in the limelight. Listening to the NBC commentary, I was making the comparisons between these world-class athletes and our own FCC Competitors. Some of this stuff is heart-wrenching. A single slip and it’s all down the tubes. Things that are outside your control. Skiing down the side of the mountain at 60+ mph and catching an edge; inconsistency in the ice; white-out conditions; blizzards, melting snow, broken Zamboni’s and so on and so forth. And it’s not just at the Olympics. How about NASCAR’s premier race the Daytona 500? Having to stop the race for more than two hours to round up all the Bondo® in the universe to fix a pothole on the course. That cost NASCAR 17 million Fox viewers and a lot of prestige. Just about all of the sports that happen outdoors have weather-related issues. Track and field will negate any wind-aided records. In golf, if you play in the morning, the greens are wet. Rodeo is animal-dependent. We all know about the NFL and their “go in any condition” policy. Plus, the kicking game becomes very much a crap-shoot with winds aloft having a huge part in the outcome. And speaking of outcomes, what about a blown call changing the winning team- a factor that occurs with annoying regularity. Monday, March 1, 2010 Page 2 Baseball calls it quits as soon as it starts to rain, but again wind and temperature have a lot to do with what happens with the long fly balls. So, outside of bowling, curling, billiards and a few other hermetically-controlled indoor sports, weather, time of day, etc. are a part of sport. Even in drag racing, a pretty much, straight-ahead, reaction-time activity has their preferred lanes. So what’s the take-away? We carry close to 200,000 pounds of stuff over 35,000 miles each year and set-up more than 20 times the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge with a consistency that sees a guy like Joe Horton come within seconds of his PR at each race. We strive mightily to tweak the rules to be unlike basketball; i.e., “keep the officials out of it.” Weather, especially rain can impact traction. As a parking-lot based sport, we are held hostage to the surface that the host can provide. Sometimes, we’re square in the middle of downtown, between the curbs on Main Street. Or, under the $100M VivaVision on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. We walk a balancing act between providing the viewing public with a great show or sequestering ourselves to obscure locations with great traction. Difficult choices sometimes. We are well aware that the coefficient of friction of the thermoplastic gliders on the Keiser Forcible Entry Simulator, i.e., “the Slammer” changes with temperature. We are driven by our relentless pursuit for perfection in an imperfect world. In the grand scheme of sport, we run a pretty consistent and professional contest. “Everyone’s a critic” is an epitaph that is frequently heard in all walks of life and certainly has applicability in sport as proven by the sports pages. There are a lot of gainfully employed reporters who make a pretty good living criticizing. But, we’re looking for solutions. Our search for perfection is not driven to make things easier; it’s to make them the same. The “level playing field“ is a reference that is based on sport and it’s a part of our mission. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. Similarly, in fulfillment of our obligation, we invest thousands of dollars and man-hours to continually improve the platform. We just want to provide you with the stage that you deserve to showcase your talents to our stakeholders: the taxpayers who foot the bill for the best fire protection that we can provide. As the Olympics came to a conclusion, I couldn’t help but reflect on how so many of you train with the intensity of the world-class athletes that you are. I’m sorry that there are not million-dollar endorsements awaiting your successes. But I believe that there are great rewards that transcend the receipt of a medal. There are actual people walking around today that would not have been able to do so without your intervention. That’s something that you can live with.

G2G Clinic in Florida

World Champion Competitor Brandon Cunningham will be teaching three G2G Clinics at the Osceola Heritage Parkon, the last week of March. Located at:

1875 Silver Spurs Lane
Kissimmee, Florida 34744

Sign up today by emailing Bill Alexander.

The Clinics will be held on:

March 26th 3pm - 5pm
March 27th 10am - 12pm
March 27th 2pm - 4pm

More Videos
www.ffcc.tv/videos.htm has more videos posted


When: March 5th-March 28th
Where: Silver Spur Arena
1875 Silver Spur Lane
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Competitors will be able to train on the FCC course without instruction.

We will run 2 blocks each day.
Block 1: 8am-12pm
Block 2: 12pm-4pm

Cost: $100/Individual and $400/Team

Contact Information: Please contact Bill Alexander via e-mail.

Announcing World Challenge XIX
Will be held in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on November 8th-12th.

www.ffcc.tv has started up, here you can easily access the final run videos of worlds.

2010 Schedule

You can download the first schedule of 2010 here. We will update it as things firm up.

Relay Videos
The first final day relay runs here more will be incoming. Discuss them here

Final Run Videos
More final day individual runs here

In Their Own Words
Jamie Richford tells how Monctonmoves came to win WCXVIII in his own words.

Interested in training on the tower this off-season, in your area? Contact Trey

2010 Schedule
With over 100 expressions of interest, it's impossible to please everyone. We're conflicted by urgent requests to bring the Challenge tour to hamlets and cities that won't work for scheduling reasons or other logistical constraints. So, we've implemented a new method for how we promote our 2010 schedule. Regrettably, funding is an important part of the equation. While we are deeply indebted to our National Sponsors, the tour is a hugely expensive operation. The shortfall in revenue has to be made up by the local hosts. To avoid the fits and starts that plagued us last year, we're going to a traffic light system. By the end of the month you'll see a list of prospective venues. When the prospective host executes a MOU (memorandum of understanding) the light will be turned on (RED). Once the contract and the first deposit has been received, the light will turn to YELLOW (proceed with caution). When the second payment is received the light will go GREEN. As soon as we have factual information, we'll post it on the website. Within our capabilities, you'll make every attempt to keep you informed and in the loop- including where appropriate local contacts that are willing to accept phone calls. Calling the office will provide no additional information beyond what we have posted. So, your cooperation is appreciated.

Thanks for all you do...

If ever there were doubts about the dedication of the world’s fire service, you need go no further than World Challenge XVIII. Thousands of spectators had their perception of firefighters given another boost when they watched the more than 650, 2009 competitors in action. Everyone of you is to be congratulated for making this a banner year, and for the countless hours spent in optimizing your personal fitness.

This is the first of several postings and emails that will address closing off this season. Thanking our sponsors goes a long way in their continued support. Please take just a moment to send a short email to our Title, Presenting and Associate sponsors. Believe me when I say, if they don’t hear from you, you won’t be hearing from them. In this economy, budgets are being scrutinized and questions asked. If a sponsor doesn’t perceive a value, they’ll be taking their support elsewhere. Click here for a list of Firefighter Combat Challenge sponsorship contacts. And please don’t be so gauche as to ask them for sponsorship of your team, thank you very much.

Over the span of the next couple of weeks you’ll be viewing all of the races from the last two days. Go to FFCC.TV and search by your date and run number. The hyperlink will take you to your run.

We are also working on a plan that would allow you to purchase an HD version (720i) of your run- video that you can view on a big screen TV, as opposed to showing sponsors a pixelated representation meant for computers.

Congratulations Moncton
Marcel Dupuis, Jamie Richford, Jason Bergeron, Matt Dunfield and Collin Powers have taken the team championship at WCXVIII, with a time of 4:41.72.

Miss any of our videos while they were on the front page?
Setup Day 1
Setup Day 2
Setup Day 3
Official Day 1
Official Day 2
Official Day 3
Official Day 4

Livestream NoteUnfortunately we are currently at our capacity for livestream. As people disconnect, more spots will open up.

Any changes, additions, subtractions, or payments need to go through Daniel, on site in Vegas at this point.

Greetings from Fremont Street...
Where we’re busily preparing for World Challenge XVIII. We will posting a daily video short- and adding to the library hosted on YouTube. For those of you who didn’t catch an inside glimpse of the brand new Cowboy Stadium, Mark Gist and Dr. Paul will give you a 3-minute tour. We’re also working on providing a live feed from Fremont Street. All the daily news including results, interviews, and behind the scenes look at the Challenge will be brought to you on FFCC.TV.

More Breaking News

Do to the overwhelming demand for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, the Golden Nugget and Fremont Street Experience have done everything within there power to overcome our space issues. Fortunately, they just really want us there... Once again, we will staged in front of the Golden Nugget. We look forward to seeing all of our competitors at Worlds !!!

Breaking News
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are being forced to move the site back to where it was last year on 3rd street. We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.

Worlds Registration
As you've probably noticed, registration has filled up in record time this year for days 2 and 3. We will be removing registered competitors that have not paid imminently, to make room for those on the waiting lists. If you have not paid, or have sent us a check, I would advise you to either email us here, or call us (301-421-4433) to either arrange payment or let us know that the check is in the mail.

Worlds Name Shirt
Here's the current list of names on the shirt. The window in which to add names has closed unfortunately, See you all at worlds!

U.S. Nationals
Based on several questions that have come up, we wanted to confirm that only U.S. competitors and all U.S. teams can win nationals or receive bye slots from competing at Arlington. Good luck to everyone competing.

New World Record
Stacey Billapando and Jessica Morehouse set a new Women's Tandem record with a 2:06.22 in Omaha today, breaking the old record of 2:11.13.

The World Challenge Feature Hotel

Envelop yourself in luxury, in the gorgeously appointed splendor of downtown Las Vegas’ finest rooms and suites. One look inside and you’ll understand why the Golden Nugget has earned the AAA Four Diamond Award for 32 straight years. Please visit the Golden Nugget to receive the incredible rates exclusively offered to FCC competitors.

Alert: Omaha Event Change

The Omaha event will now begin at 11AM on Saturday and 12PM on Sunday.

World Challenge Competitor Information

For a direct link to information regarding the World Challenge, please click on the 2009 WC logo on the left-hand side of the homepage.

Team Black Fire are heading to Las vegas, all the way from New Zealand for the second year in a row. The guys from way down south are always keen to talk training and tactics o the forums and have made some really good friendships with competitors from all over the world. One of the challenges faced with being an international team, thousands of miles out of the action, is the limited supply of equipment and exorbitant prices too. they would appreciate getting their hands on some gear for their 2010 campaign. What is needed is the following in any condition - Mallets, glide pads for the keiser, or scott BA masks. To give you an idea, a mallet costs $450+tax over there in NZ, Crazy! Email rob@teamblackfire.com if anyone can help.

This weekend is open, so we’re posting the feature race from Berlin and the top 9 of the 10 competitors. By our best estimate, the Berlin course may be as much as 15 seconds slower. You’ll see some of these guys in Las Vegas this year.


Urgent! If you're coming to US Nationals, we've got a killer deal on lodging. The Sleep-In Maingate has a block reserved, but only until Sept 30 for $70/night. The reason this is important is that the Cowboys will be in town and as soon as the block is released, the going rate is $125. Information is on the Registration. When you call: 817-649-1010-ask for the Firefighter Combat Challenge rate.

...Just a short word about Competitor Tees..

Your registration is for a race- or in the case of the Relay, as many as you earn by advancing. Tee shirts an amenity that is given to each (singular) competitor and is not related to the number of categories in which you are competing. Thanks for your cooperation.

The 3rd Annual Berlin Firefighter Challenge took place in the heart of Berlin, adjacent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. With competitors from Poland, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria and of course, Berlin, this was truly an international event. Watch the feature race by clicking here.

Register at http://g2go.org for preparation for the Evansville Event. The clinic will be held at 3 pm the day before.

Site Change
The Nationals dates have been altered, Individuals and Teams will still be held on the first day (10/30/2009). Relays and tandems will be the second day (10/31/2009).

St. Louis
Download your parking passes for the Saint Louis event here, and print them out, to avoid paying parking. Parking Pass

The Tower
This season we bit off some very ambitious plans for a wholesale modification of the tower (as well as the Red Car Carrier, aka “The Dorsey”). John Tillett was stymied by the worst winter in recent history, losing over a month’s worth of productivity because of the ice. Chuck DeGrandpre’s mother died unexpectedly and Chuck tore his medial meniscus while walking across the parking lot and was out for awhile. We removed the Deutz turbo-diesel power plant and installed a wet kit. Now the tower is raised by the PTO on our International tractor. All of the control valves were replaced as well as the entire top deck. We ran out of time and are now taking advantage of this brief hiatus to effect a number of other improvements. You’ve noted that we now have the safety of a barrier (versus the old netting) at the top of the tower and, as we repeatedly mentioned, we are as this is being written, working on the new railing and other cosmetic improvements. Here are some of the photos taken from Maine this week. We will have new details for everyone on the top rail of the tower. Stay tuned.

1st place Team Prize

The first place team at each of our regional events has been receiving one of BTI's heavy duty chrome molly steel Halligan Tools.
This $400 value prize is one of the strongest forcible entry tools on the market. If your winning team has had an opportunity to use the tool, we’d like to hear about it. BTI is the company that makes the re-usable breaching training door that will be the grand prize for this year’s World Champions. Check them out at Breaching Technologies.

Proof of Fitness

Dr. Mark Able, from the Kinesiology Department of the University of Kentucky took a close-up and personal look at the Firefighter Combat Challenge on Friday. Mark has been hugely involved in helping develop functional fitness programs for the state’s firefighters. Kentucky has seen a huge reduction in WC costs over the last couple of years. If you’re really concerned about firefighter safety, one of the most cost-effective methods is improving personal fitness. Catch his first-ever run on YouTube.

New World Record
Lexington, KY, the North Carolina Tar Heels have set a new over 40 relay world record, with a time of 1:19.17, beating the old world record held by Clayton county of 1:19.40. Congratulations to Duane Cheek, John Pennington, Ricky Brown, David Bowman and Scott Blair.

Wrapping Up Idaho Falls
Kevin Voyles, 16-year FCC veteran, threatening retirement was obliged to make a run, if nothing but for fun, but mostly because. Well, he was only 2 seconds off the World Record. I did an interview with Kevin (Click Here). Parker Ruby, who was intimately involved in making the 11th stop on the tour a possibility likewise has some salient comments that you can view. Live streaming continues to be problematic and totally at the mercy of local cell phone service. We don’t wish to raise anyone’s ire or become the target of criticism. We’ll be suspending our efforts until we can deliver a consistent product.

Idaho Falls
Every Regional event has its attractions and Idaho Falls is no exception. The FCC Road Crew took a break to create some team building by white water rafting on the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Get a glimpse from the shore line and see if you can tell which member of the IFFD goes overboard. (click here). We’ll add some more clips when we get to a place that has sufficient bandwidth to upload.

Dateline: Altus

You can get a sense of how Team Dr Pepper is able to sustain not only longevity but quality when you visit this small town in west Oklahoma. The fire department and the town that supports it is different in a lot of ways. The energy and enthusiasm the team, the firefighters and the community is infectious. Three huge banks of bleachers were packed on Friday night for the Relays and Tandem events. We've barely loaded up and everyone can't wait for next year's event. Thanks, Altus and your outstanding sponsors, Dr Pepper and Putnam Toyota for all you do.

Dateline: Altus
You can get a sense of how Team Dr Pepper is able to sustain not only longevity but quality when you visit this small town in west Oklahoma. The fire department and the town that supports it is different in a lot of ways. The energy and enthusiasm the team, the firefighters and the community is infectious. Three huge banks of bleachers were packed on Friday night for the Relays and Tandem events. We've barely loaded up and everyone can't wait for next year's event. Thanks, Altus and your outstanding sponsors, Dr Pepper and Putnam Toyota for all you do.

Live Feed
Cell phone coverage is a geographic anomaly that can wreck havoc with our attempts at sending you a live feed of the show. Coupled with some software issues, we had a lot of difficulty keeping a picture on your screen last night. We're consulting with some gurus who've had experience in this newly emerging technology. Thanks for your patience, and as they say in TV parlance, "stay tuned."

The Firefighter Combat Challenge is going Live!

You may have noticed that we’re now doing a live feed, starting in Seattle. This is a experiment and as things progress, we hope we can add sponsorship thereby allowing us to upgrade our transmission technology. At the present, the image may look somewhat like those original transmissions from the moon, 40 years ago- except it’s in color. But, stay with us. We have only 50 “ports” available under the current configuration. But we do have a nice feature: the ability to post on a billboard while the show is in progress. Our 5-minute shorts will continue; we’d like to hear from you- anything helpful will be appreciated. (click here to send your comments.)

The Rochester Event

The Rochester event will be postponed until next year, due to the withdrawal of state funding. The FCC has been unable to fill this slot and will leave the weekend of August 28th and 29th open.

A Good 2 Go clinic will be conducted by Jimmy Rogers on July 31st at 4PM in Altus, OK. Visit http://g2go.org for more information.

Happy Birthday
Our own announcer, Rex Nimrod turned 50 last week. To see some of the on course celebration, click here.

Seattle, WA
We had a great day of racing, and included our first ever live streaming video of the event as it happened. Be on the lookout for more to come. We are also pleased to announce that Haverhill, MA is now confirmed, and is open for registration.

2009 Tour Economics

Anyone at this point who hasn’t figured out that the economy is firing on 3 cylinders must have just woke up from some Rip Van Winkle bender. While the fire service continues to come when called, there’s just not a lot of money floating around to do all the things that need to be done.

Every year, we try to move up about a month on scheduling- compared to where we were last year. For those of you won’t don’t remember, we’d sometimes be scrambling at this point to nail down the Championships. This season’s schedule has gone sideways in some places because of local host sponsorship drying up. We’re not alone; TV and print media revenue is way down. Sponsorship in sports is also way off.

Last year’s numbers showed that it cost about $65,000 to put on a single event. Travel, including the insurance for the tractor-trailers, fuel, maintenance and airfares comprise a large part of that number. Then there are the salaries of the 15 or so staff members. Registrations comprise about 15% of our revenues and our generous National Sponsors underwrite a large portion of the costs, leaving us with the need to charge and appearance fee of $23,000. Despite the best intentions, some of the hosts have had to scramble, while others just pulled their pockets inside out and said, “help!”

We’re making the best of a bad situation by finding alternative sources of revenue. We appreciate your patience and support. We’re all in this together.


During the off season, we completely replaced the top deck of the tower among a host of other improvements including the replacement of the Deutz power plant with a “wet kit.” Now, we run our hydraulics from a PTO. We’ve added LED lighting for the steps and landings.

We also removed the diamond plate that served as a first floor, thereby reducing wind drag and improving fuel economy. On top, we no longer require netting as we have signage to contain errant donut rolls. But we’re not done yet. For a variety of reasons, mostly related to the worst winter in recent history in Knoxville, we ran out of time. The top railing assembly is not yet done. There will be a steel-covered rail added to the current configuration. And, it will be offset allowing more space between the sign and where the rope currently hangs.

We do not have the exact measurements of the total height yet. We allow all competitors to visit the top of the tower to see how the current configuration measures up to their expectations.

Stay tuned to this website for updates as they occur.

Good 2 Go

Good 2 Go clinics will be held Seattle Friday July 10th at 4 PM Friday, as well as July 17 at 6 PM in Fremont, CA.

Please Note - Seattle FCC Location Change

Terex Corporation
47020 S.E. 144th St
North Bend, WA 98045

Saturday, July 11, 2009
At 9:00 AM
See you there!

Del Mar Fairgrounds, 20 June

Nice to be under cover - away from the fatiguing heat of Qualcomm Stadium. This took some serious planning to follow the horse act and precede the motocross show, but we did it. We continue to experiment with our video production and are in common agreement that there is enough worthy content to do a :30 show every week. We just need a sponsor. We hope you enjoy the video and we also hope that the Burn Institute will have us back again next year. Tell us what kinds of things you like and want to see more of.

Dateline Tucson

The last remaining western state went into the win column this past weekend as the FCC continues its countdown to make an appearance in every state. We’re at 294 total events so far this year. Noteworthy was the fact that 80% of the competitors were newly minted. Shane Farmer posted his first-ever first place finish. David Bowen made the fatal, but calculated risk of that last hit on the Keiser- with not quite enough umph. Dan Stevens and Clay Hamilton were also in the mix and we’ll be seeing faster times from them as the season progresses. Greg Kostus, newly transplanted American citizen was looking strong. The weekend was special for other reasons including the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation’s fund raiser and seminar. Over 500 attended the dinner at the JW Marriott. Weather was not a factor- in fact, aside from some pretty stout winds, the temperatures were not as expected. In the final round of the Relay, Pinetop edged out Peterson AFB with a 1:32.

San Diego Special

Coming to San Diego? We move under the shaded canopy of the Arena at the Del Mar Fair Grounds- a welcome relief from the intense heat at El Cajon. This will be the first time that we will play on synthetic turf. Our timeline for setup will be intense as we both follow and proceed acts in this pavilion. There are no other options as every square inch is spoken for at the Fairgrounds. We’ve dragged hose on the grass in the National Mall in Washington, DC and the broom-finished concrete in Kissimmee. This should be an improvement over the pseudo-packed dirt of the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa. No whining.

2008 Grand National Champions

Sam Squad

Vacancies on the Road Crew!

We need to add to our event management staff. If you’re interested in seeing the US as a Class A (CDL) driver, or by traveling by airplane, contact us now.

Kissimmee Wrap-Up

Rick, "the Model Citizen" makes comeback No one would have known that Rick and company had taken a hiatus. Rick took first place in the Open Male category with an impressive 1:35. His time, coupled with that of the rest of the Miami-Dade team earned them a first place finish, with a team total of 4:59. Team Met-Rx came in second and The Moncton (NB: Canada) took the 3rd place spot. Amina Abueshtaye from Metro Dade was the first place female. Team Met-Rx took first in the Men's Relay and Orange County Women posted a 2:28.

The Road Crüe earned kudos from the Event Manager at Old Town Kissimmee, Allen Alitts; in his 14 years on the job and witnessing hundreds of events, he'd never worked with a more professional group. We felt similarly about his staff. Whatever we needed, they provided.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau wants us back next year; a possible US National Championship Site for 2010?